Very few things can come between Africans and their weddings. Any other culture would probably pass out at the thought of feeding and keeping over 600 guests entertained for over 7 hours, but for Africans the bigger the better! Indeed this would take place at least two times before an African couple can formally be recognised as married.

Since marriage in African culture is considered the official joining of two families, a large emphasis is placed on getting family permissions and blessings before the wedding. In Ghana, the groom requests permission through the custom of “knocking on the door.” Bearing gifts, he visits his potential in-laws accompanied by his own family. If his “knock” is accepted, the families celebrate and wedding planning begins. Or, simply plan an outing (like a brunch or dinner date) to bring both families together before the wedding and begin forming family bonds.

Then the elaborate planning begins!

It is very normal to have at least 500 guests. The outfits are always spectacular, the music vibrant, the food OMG! And the free flow of champagne has been known
to cause many to jump on the dance floor!

Lavish and classy

A wedding entrance dance by the wedding train

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