This fortified, luxe-rustic, 16th-century farmhouse offers the views, the cuisine, and the architecture, all perfectly adapted to that picturesque backdrop. Terra-cotta roof tiles, burnished floor tiles, ravenous swaths of ivy — all given a breath of fresh of air by contemporary elements like sleek lighting, walk-in showers, and breathable, minimalist layouts. Each room in this former silk farm comes uniquely decorated with hand-sourced antiques and whimsically repurposed furnishings; exposed beams, old-time radiators, earthenware, and wrought iron. A charming, stone-walled dining patio mingles Indian and island flavors with hyperlocal Provençal staples for a parade of intensely flavorful, visually stimulating plates. The public spaces offer a variety of settings for whichever relaxation mode suits best: cocktails and champagne by the pool.