Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Volume 2 Show Featured Quite a Few Sexy Celebrity Cameos.

Rihanna released the second volume of her Savage x Fenty show on Oct. 2, and we’re still reeling over the powerful display of talent, unity, and sexuality. The production delivered electrifying performances and sequences that showcased the 32-year-old designer’s gorgeous new lingerie line. Amid the spectacle, a handful of celebrities made appearances, strutting across the opulent stages. Among the featured models were Lizzo, Normani, Bella Hadid, Chika, Laura Harrier, Cara Delevingne, and Indya Moore, who each brought their signature flair to the runway. Artists such as Rosalía, Ella Mai, Bad Bunny, and Travis Scott also took part in the show, adding to the musical ambience. Keep reading to see some of the big-name celebrities who stepped out for Rihanna’s special event!


Rosalía was first to perform, singing her hit “TKN.”

Normani didn’t break it down like she did at last year’s show, but she still stunted on everyone with this look.

Lizzo stepped out for a sensual dance to “Brown Sugar” by D’Angelo.

Verdict: Amazing diverse unusual combo of Slaylebrities. We love how Rihanna promotes all sizes. skin tones and hair styles. The lingerie however we are sitting on the fence!

In other news about Riri this year

The former entertainer now turned Business Mogul has her hands full with her Daddy trying to scrounge off her work and success.

According to The Blast, which previously said it obtained court documents, Ronald founded Fenty Entertainment in 2017, and then posed as his daughter’s manager. He reportedly booked 15 concerts in Latin America, as well as another two in the United States, for $15 million and $400,000 respectively.
Rihanna’s original lawsuit asked for a court injunction that would stop her father from using the name Fenty in business, as well as unspecified damages.

Rihanna has previously spoken out against her father
In 2009, Rihanna said during a Good Morning America interview that her father used to beat her mother.

Domestic violence is not something that people want anybody to know, so she would just hide it in the house,” Rihanna said during the interview. “I always said to myself, ‘I’m never going to date somebody like my dad, never.'”
According to the Independent, Rihanna also told Vogue in 2011 that her father told the press “a bunch of lies” after her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown was convicted of assaulting her.
“You hear the horror stories about people going behind people’s backs and doing strange things, but you always think, ‘Not my family. My father would never do that to me,'” Rihanna reportedly told Vogue in 2011. 
“But my dad went to the press and just told them a bunch of lies,” she continued. “Because he hadn’t talked to me after that whole thing. He never called to find out how I was doing, if I was alive, nothing. He just never called. He went straight to the press and got a cheque. And now he does it again.”

It’s like, what do I even mean to him?” Rihanna told Vogue “It’s really strange. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it, because you grow up with your father, you know him, you are a part of him, for goodness sake! And then he does something so bizarre that I can’t begin to wrap my mind around it.”

Slaylebrity Stats
Rihanna current net worth : $600 Million

Inside the show

Was last years show better?

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Rihanna gives wild wild thoughts

The Hair is Vibes!

Rihanna gives curvy mama a whole new SWAG!

Source: @badgalriri

Normani came as an Angel

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Lizzo didn’t pull punches

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Laura looked absolutely ethereal, but what else is new?

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Cara strutted through the show wearing a two-piece set with sheer stockings.

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Paris worked those angles, honey.

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If you gasped at Willow's gorgeous cameo, you're not alone.

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Irina Shayk in The Last Supper, but make it fashion.

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Bella Hadid, Demi Moore, Jaida Essence Hall, and Abby Champion united backstage for a stunning snap.

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She didn't leave the Boys out....Ryan made it pretty hard to focus on the fashion.

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If you look closely, you can see the swag emanating from Christian.

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Rihanna protecting her Melanin

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Did you watch the show? What did ya’ll think?

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