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The original Twin Turbo model, launched at Baselworld in 2016, was the first timepiece in history to combine two triple axis tourbillons and a minute repeater. The Twin Turbo Furious goes even further by adding a very specific chronograph function.

The tourbillons both rotate around their first axis in 24 seconds, their second axis in 8 seconds and their third axis in 30 seconds. The tourbillon carriages thus cover all possible positions in just half a minute and compensate for the effects of gravity, considerably increasing the precision of the movement. This is a significant evolution from the watch’s previous version, which took 8 minutes to cover over all the positions. 
Given the speed of the tourbillons, the balance wheel’s beat at 6 ticks per second offers a fragmented and visually powerful rhythm that led to the “sequential” name. The differential that connects the two tourbillon carriages stabilises the entire system. In the event of a shock, if either of the two tourbillons is affected, the other would instantly compensate.

A decimal minute repeater
Minute repeaters are some of the most prized complications among collectors. They are also  the most difficult complications for watchmakers to conceive. Nevertheless, the designers sought to push the boundaries when bringing the Twin Turbo Furious to life. In order to simplify the audible indication of time, the Twin Turbo Furious chimes every ten minutes. Because this type of mechanism is known to be sensitive, the movement engineering department included safety devices to prevent untimely occurrences such as the chiming being activated when resetting the time.
Planetary gear power reserve 
The power reserve is displayed on the dial side at 6 o’clock. Thanks to an ingenious planetary system comprising a differential gear mechanism; the hand points to a full power reserve on the left, then moves to the right as the 50 hours of reserve winds down. The watch is wound using the crank at 3 o’clock.
A monopusher chronograph function with reference time 
The Twin Turbo Furious is equipped with a “reference time” indicator. This was inspired by the timekeeping panels used in motor racing; with each lap, the panels displayed on the side of the track tell the drivers the time difference between their time and the lap reference time. On the Twin Turbo Furious the chronograph has a scale that indicates at a glance the difference in seconds in comparison with a reference time set by the chronograph.


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