How and where to start?
We’re going to give you our top secrets to help you Grow your Network and Influence on Social Media, and Build your Business Online.

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We often see people think they’re doing Influence Marketing and Social Media Marketing, but they’re actually doing old school online.

Old School Network Marketing
You are a network marketing entrepreneur and you are building a business. And if you are new to network marketing, you may not understand the concept.
You know it’s a business, but you may not feel like you own the business, and you don’t relate to it that way.

You are selling a product, whether it is physical or digital, you are promoting it. And you also hope to attract other like-minded people and build a team of people who are doing the same thing.

Well, how do you do it?

How does any offline business do it?
Any business gets people’s attention to help sell their product, to get more people to their doors. To see what they have to offer and get people to buy.

Well, you do the same thing on Social Media.

So, what a lot of people struggle with is a real marketing strategy.

For example, by appearing on social media every day, you are advertising yourself. And in many cases now people are struggling, banging their heads against the wall trying to get results, because their marketing strategy or what they are being taught is not getting them results. 

And I want to point out that although this industry is called online Marketing, we are not really taught how to network online and how to market. We are taught how to prospect, how to sell. But when it comes to marketing, we think we are doing marketing, but in fact it is far from marketing. We do prospecting, or what I call “old school online”.

When you were told, “Make a list of a hundred people”. People make the same list, but from people they know on Social Media, and they send the same messages to everyone: “Please look at my post about my opportunities.”

And they get a lot of rejections in return, a lot of people get blocked. They hate the process, because they feel like salesy weirdos, and nobody wants to build their business that way.

Influence Marketing
Influence Marketing is the opposite of what we were taught.

When I started to show up differently, I had better results. No prospecting and selling, but being real me and trying to know people.
Here’s where it becomes different between me being a billboard and everyone knows me as attached to my company, versus who I am.

I started to share who I am, and what I enjoy doing. What am I passionate about? How can I help others who follow me on Social Media?

And I started showing up differently and giving value.
So here’s where we started implementing Influence Marketing to attract people to you.

Imagine how that would feel like, if you’re listening, that you’ve been chasing all these people and following up, and maybe there’s people month after month that you’re consistently chasing, and they’re like, “Get with me in three months”. And you have your hopes up and all this stuff, but it never works after all.

So, imagine never having to prospect anybody.

We stopped prospecting 4 years ago, because we started implementing Influence Marketing and showing up by giving value. And sharing vulnerable aspects in our life and sharing that we’re real people, and sharing benefits of what our products do for people. And, what this business can do for people versus telling them what it is and all the ingredients that are in it.

We may sound a little harsh right now, criticising people who are prospecting and sending messages to hundreds of strangers.

And I want to tell you, that we absolutely love and understand these people who are still doing it, because we’ve been in their shoes before, and we know what it’s like, what’s going to happen, and we’re just telling you what will happen next, what other options there are, and how you can get out of the impasse.

So I absolutely don’t want to offend people who are still doing it. Sometimes you have to make these mistakes to learn something new or to want to run your business differently. And I want to break down someone’s belief right now, which some people will be absolutely shocked about.

What is the VALUE you give away in your content?
When we say provide value and appear on Social Media, many online marketers think, that the only value they can provide is their products, and what they will do for other people.

While this is absolutely amazing, most of our products are amazing, and so is what they do for people, that’s not the value you can provide to people on Social Media through your content.

It’s not the value that will attract people.
And that’s where everyone gets confused.
“If I don’t have my products, then I don’t have anything,” is what most people think. And that’s not true!
So we’re here to teach you how not to get attached to your products.

You need to grow influence and build trust with your audience. So that your audience gets some value from you for free, and therefore comes to you for more of that value. Your audience needs to get attached to you and start listening to you.

And then your products have to become a bonus for those people who will start following you and want to buy from you. Whatever you’re selling, whether you’re in this company or that one, they won’t care at all, because if it comes from you, then it’s good.

You have established a relationship with them, and you built “Know, Like and Trust”. When you have people who show up on your channel/account, who are involved in what you post on Social Media, and they follow you, they start to trust the things you put out.

They start to get to know who you are, because of what you share. And that builds influence.

When you have influence with that network, with that audience of people, whatever you’re going to put out, they will raise their hand.

That’s why it changes the game so much.

And we share this, because we’ve been through spamming strangers and sending hundreds of messages to our friends list. We’ve been there, but we’ve also become known for being one hundred percent authentic. And we continue building our Influence every day.

We are following the same path as you, but we are a few steps ahead, and we are just imparting our wisdom and our experience.

What’s Really Working on Social Media Right Now?
So, let’s talk about what really works on Social Media now.

I know there’s one ninja strategy right now, that some people are afraid to dive into, and some people are using it.

So should people do it, so they don’t miss out, or is there really more to it than just stupidity. 

And we’re talking about Short Video.

Some of you may have heard of it.

Short videos, live streaming, video blogging – all this is called video marketing. And I’m sure some of you crinkled your eyes when you heard that, because it made the hairs on the back of your neck, maybe made your armpits sweat, and made you think, “Should I put myself out there?”

And yes, this is exactly what works right now and shows, that it’s the fastest way to grow your audience, build your community and gather your new network, that will trust you and be beyond your friends and family. 

You need to grow an audience of enthusiastic fans. But it doesn’t have to be very difficult. You don’t need to be tech savvy, you don’t need to learn all the dances and songs or play on camera to grow that audience and get tons of views. And I’m talking about the short video format again.

It can’t just be in short video format: you can go live on Facebook, or TikTok, or Instagram, you can shoot YouTube Shorts, TikToks, Reels, or live stories for Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram, or longer trainings or vlogs on YouTube. It’s all video marketing.

And you need to know, my business has reached incredible heights because of it, and if I hadn’t done video marketing, it wouldn’t be where it is today.

If I had sat on the sidelines and hadn’t moved on to real live video, no one would simply have known about me, what I have to offer this world and how I can help my audience.

But as our society continues to evolve with technology and social media, we are constantly updating micro content on platforms.

So, shorter form videos are what’s leading the way on Social Media right now. And it doesn’t take long to grow the network.

You just look at the many people on TikTok or Instagram videos, who may have started with a challenge and increased their audience by thousands in 30 days just by posting short 30 second videos every day.

Video Marketing Formats
It really comes down to saying: “OK, here’s what I’m going to do for the next 30 days. I’m going to give it a try. I’m going to try to show up every day on Social Media. And here we go.”

It will definitely force you to step outside your comfort zone, if that’s not what you’re already doing.

I want to point out that longer videos, when Facebook first released Facebook Lives and then Instagram started doing them and other platforms, YouTube, are definitely still one of the most effective ways to build relationships and convert your potential customers into buyers.

But you’re not going to attract a new audience with a 15, 20, 30-minute video, because people have a very short attention span. Because people nowadays are always busy with something, rushing somewhere, and are not ready to spend 15-30 minutes of their life every day to find new content for themselves, to entertain themselves or to learn something new and useful.

So micro content, 10-second videos, at most 30 seconds, that’s what you need now to attract people to you, to grow your network. And this strategy works really well. You’ll be fine with videos like this if you want to grow your audience, stop them from scrolling, get attention and build relationships, and build your influence online.

How to get out there?
Usually when I record my videos, I decide, what message do I want to tell my people today, what do they need to hear? And I record a 15-30 second video, but straight to the point, addressing the person I want to influence, and it works.

And it takes a minute a day. So why wouldn’t you want to engage with something that’s so powerful and so easy to create?

We understand that fear holds many people back from putting themselves out there.

“How will I look? How will I sound? What will people think? What will they say about me?”

But if you keep letting your fears hold you back, you won’t achieve what you want in this business.

How many times have we all gone to networking events? Maybe in your company or outside your company, and we talk about when you need to step out of your comfort zone.

If you want to grow, and you want your business to grow, and you want to get into THESE ranks, and you want to have THIS team, and you want to have THE life that you know is possible with this beautiful car and dream house, you have to get out there.

But I promise you that you will not die from doing Reels or Story or TikTok, but once you do, you will feel so strong, like an adrenaline rush kicks in, and you feel like you can fly.

And once you’re done, you’ll feel so fulfilled and strong that you’ll know you can do it. And it’s all about waking up the next day and repeating it over and over again, every day.

It’s very simple to implement something that will grow your network, help you build a relationship with that network where the impact happens.

So, when you recommend something to your subscribers, they follow you and after some time want your opportunity. But for them to want it, they have to know you first, and you have to keep showing up on social media with some kind of free value for them, if you want to get good results for your business in the future.
If you want that benefit, go here and take it, and your people will raise their hand and start moving.

That’s how the magic happens.
Where to start?
But where do I start all this way? How do I develop and communicate on social media without being a sales system spammy weirdo? How do I build relationships, even though I’m an introvert?

It was painful for other members , but they figured out how to build those relationships passively, without small talk, without talking about the weather or dogs or flowers, and how you can promote your products or even sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise without plastering your products on social media in every post. It’s possible.

And for those people who are now wondering, “How and where do I start?” We are getting to it shortly.

You can join a team of professionals who will do the content marketing in your behalf to attract high paying clients.

Rank up fast without spamming, begging or annoying prospects.

You are now thinking, “I need to know all the secrets, and have great results!

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You need to grow influence and build trust with your audience. So that your audience gets some value from you for free, and therefore comes to you for more of that value. Your audience needs to get attached to you and start listening to you.

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