This country is a joke, people living in gross poverty yet no provisions have been made to alleviate the pain from the removal of the subsidy. If your country has no funds why do your politicians have so much money to steal from the people.

Nigeria is a joke people living in gross poverty yet no provisions have been made to alleviate the pain from the removal of the subsidy.

The current government claims that the subsidy must be removed because the country does not have the funds to fund it anymore.

If your country has no funds why do your politicians have so much money to steal from the people? Just yesterday PMS was 185 Naira interest rate at 25% and inflation at double digits, a bag of rice was 40K Naira. After fuel subsidy removal expect at least 800 Naira, what do you imagine the interest rate, inflation rate and a bag of rice will be?

The well to do in Nigeria are busy going about the daily business without understanding how serious things could get for them.
Expect pure chaos, anarchy, armed robbery the whole nine yards this President Tinubu will stick to the fuel subsidy removal he will not care about the groaning…there is no hope for the common man in Nigeria.

This decision made by the Nigerian government to remove fuel subsidies is not only cruel but also ignorant. The anticipated increase in fuel prices will lead to a rise in the cost of basic goods and services that will, in turn, trigger a chain reaction of inflation, high-interest rates and an increase in the cost of living for the everyday Nigerian. The average citizen already lives in poverty, and this action will only cause more harm, pushing people to the brink of starvation, desperation and crime.

It is appalling that our leaders would deliberately impoverish the people they have been elected to serve. Instead of investing in the Nigerian people and finding ways to improve their standard of living, they continue to line their pockets with the nation’s wealth. This selfishness is what has led to the current dire economic situation in Nigeria.

The removal of fuel subsidies should have been approached with caution. There should have been reforms in place, strategies to diversify the economy, and provisions made for the less privileged in society. Instead, the government has decided to throw caution to the wind and implement an action that will lead to catastrophe in the country.

The consequences of the removal of fuel subsidies will be dire. It will lead to many people losing their means of livelihood, with no provisions made for their welfare. The anticipated increase in the prices of goods and services will push many families into poverty and debt. Crime rates are expected to skyrocket, with more people turning to armed robbery and other criminal activities to survive.

The Nigerian government should be ashamed of themselves for putting their people in such a vulnerable position. It is time for them to abandon their selfish interests and focus on what is best for the country. They need to work towards creating a sustainable economy that benefits everyone and invest in the well-being of their citizens. Until then, the country will continue to spiral into chaos and anarchy.

What should have been done?

Perhaps there is a case to be made about the fuel subsidy hence a removal of the subsidy at 10% every year over the next ten years might have been plausible.

The 10% savings could go to the Sovereign Wealth fund to fund investment in improved electricity for the citizens of Nigeria. Currently Nigerians spend a large portion of their resources purchasing fuel to power their generators because the power companies are too incompetent to do so.

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I am sorry but there is no hope!

Excerpt from the Rockefeller foundation : Scenarios for the future of Technology and International Development - you will suffer till 2026 before the uprising will occur!

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