This is why I WILL NEVER GO 50/50 WITH A MAN and neither should you!

Many years ago, I had a coworker who was approx. 35 years older than me. When her kids were growing up, her husband worked a full time AND a part time job so that she could be a stay at home mom. They loved each other dearly and took care of each other – it was precious to see.

My boyfriend is the type who used to let me pay pretty much for so many things. I used to do all laundry, fold and put away, cook and clean…etc. He wouldn’t do anything. I finally had huge awakening and realized that I needed to stop immediately when he started making remarks of not sure if he wanted to get married someday. I reminded myself of my worth and I quit doing things and paying. I am glad I stopped, it made him a man again.

Till the next slay time!

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Women have many more hats to carry than Men, so pls don't take over the little they need to be doing on their own.

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