Well let’s start with the obvious, people treat you like a bonafide Slaylebrity. Most people don’t know what kind of car it is. Most people have infact never seen one up close. Boys from all ages freak out when They see it. Anyone with a Lamborghini will face this problem: people are really really crazy when they are around a lambo. They try to take selfies, beep the horn constantly, yell, stand up if their car is a convertible, wave flags around and otherwise make a fool of themselves. People will even try to climb into your roadster and you’ll have to chase people off the hood of your aventador, yes it’s incredibly annoying. But it comes with the gig, just like being a Slaylebrity comes with signing autographs.

Insurance is not too shabby, expect to pay about $250 a month. But not all insurance companies will cover a lambo.

Now for the major sad facts

And make no mistake this is NO exaggeration:

They cost more to drive per mile than a Boeing business jet costs to fly a mile by a factor or two. Yes you read that right. The reason is the depreciation on the cars when calculated per mile, its massive! So if you’re buying an aventador just assume it’s going to cost you about $100K that first year to drive and that’s if you keep the miles off. Don’t go by the resale you see in various ads, the cars change hands for a lot less.

You do better buying one used but then you must be careful about the real condition. Lamborghini is fussy about warranty and if the car has been launched a lot they will not warranty the car. Parts can be a nightmare to get and if you live in a small town factor in the cost of trucking the car for something as simple as an oil change.

The car is fun to dive if you can get somewhere to drive them safely at higher speeds. They are very capable of staying on the road at very high speed but it’s serious jail time if Anyone is around. That alone can cost you your career. At very high speeds the car feels like you are driving on Ice, they are cool, they sound great but after driving anywhere for about two hours you are ready to get out.

Source Tom Nault

Alas you cannot park it anywhere and go, people will be jealous and will take pride in scratching your pride!

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