It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a roundup of favorite things, and since it’s still Slay season , and our luster for life is waning, we thought we’d talk about sparkle. Because sparkle just makes us happy. (Really, have you taken a peek at Slay My Look lately? Sparkle alllllllways gets the likes). And with engagement season long gone, we’re missing our daily quota of shiny, glittering things.

Oh! And the sparkly something that we’re talking about? Dresses. Sparkly dresses just have a way of making our hearts burst, and it’s not very often that you can step out in an over-the-top sparkle dress and not get lots of ‘extra much?’ stares. So, on your wedding day, we say let your inner Slay sparkle and feel damn good about it.

Now, truthfully, not every bridal designer has sparkle woven into their designer DNA – but the ones who do, do it BIG. We’re talking top-to-bottom sparkle, head-to-toe glimmer, and all-over gorgeousness.

Of course, ethereal, boho gowns and minimalist silhouettes have an arresting appeal about them, but a sparkly situation can’t be matched. And it doesn’t even have to be sparkle everywhere, either (although, that’s our favorite application – sparkle tulle might have been the greatest thing ever invented in the modern bridal world), it can be sparkle done exceptionally well on particular parts of the dress. Be it the cap sleeves, the plunging neckline, or an ombre, cascading effect all over the skirt. 

In any case, we’ve gone through our Slaylebrity grid, and scoured our sparkle memories over the last month, to bring you the latest and best glam sparkle dress ever created just for you by the the best slay my look ateliers.

Size: Custom

Delivery 6-8 weeks
No returns or exchanges

Price: $26,500
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

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I decided I wanted a sexy wedding head-to-toe glimmer, and all-over gorgeousness dress!

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