When purchasing a pickup truck, Ford is always towards the top of the list. The American automakers have been in the pickup truck game for ages; in fact, the Ford Model T was offered as a pickup in 1925! However, even many years before that, since 1918, some owners had already converted them to be used as a pickup.
Today, the Ford F-150 is the best-selling truck in the United States, competing with other greats such as the Ram 1500 and the Chevy Silverado. Sometimes, these Ford F-150s, as well as other Ford pickups, are customized to become absolute monsters. We’ve compiled a top list of sick photos of customized Ford pickup trucks which you can try to emulate. You are guaranteed to be the king of the road behind the wheel of one of these beasts! Anyway, without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

Custom V8 Coyote Truck| ‘56 Ford F100







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When you customise your Ford to become an absolute monster!

Source: @fordtrucksworld

Motion R Design Ford Ranger

There have been quite a few modifications done on the MotionR; it has been given the whole carbon fiber treatment, from the grille, to the fender vents, tailgate spoiler, and rear bump diffuser. This awesome truck is quite pricey at $52,500 compared to the normal factory price that is less than half of this.

Ford Ranger Seeker Raptor Ranger Wildtrak

The Ford Raptor Ranger Wildtrak is one of the most popular modifications done by Seeker, the British car modifiers. You can get an awesome modification like this starting from $19,884. They’ve done so many great Raptor modifications that we were hard pressed when picking the best photo of it!

2019 Ford Ranger SMC Hawk Edition

This modified 2019 Ford Ranger SMC Hawk Edition features 20-inch Mamba black alloy wheels, a complete custom cabin with high-premium quality such as Alcantara leather, and much more. This one is one sale today in the United Kingdom for a price of $46,000. Behind the wheel of this monster, nobody will mess with you on the road again!

Roush Raptor

Roush Performance is one of the craziest tuning houses out there. Last year, they modified the Raptor, and this was the result: a more intimidating exterior look, 20 inch black wheels, and an axle-back exhaust that makes it sound meaner than ever before. For one of these babies, be prepared to fork out $52,550.

2018 Ford F-150 Shelby Baja Raptor By Tuscany

First unveiled to the public at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show, this F-150 Shelby Baja Raptor has been completely modified, from the exterior to the engine. The V6 engine’s horsepower has been raised from 450 horsepower to 525, and the bed features a sports bar with off-road lights. Of course, this comes at a high cost – $49,295 on top of the factory price of the truck, to be exact.

Raptor Xbox Edition

If you’re a hardcore gamer that loves pickup trucks, we’re sure you’ve heard of the Raptor Xbox Edition, an awesome truck made by Ford in collaboration with Xbox. It was produced in 2017 to promote the launch of the Xbox One X. It’s been fitted with custom wheels, a Ford performance Borla exhaust, and much more.


This is one heavily-lifted F-250! Just look at how high that monster is! Clearly, this one is meant for off-roading. It comes equipped with 22-inch TIS Forged wheels, and the detailing throughout is simply awesome. We know it was produced in Florida, but not much else information can be found about it.

2018 Lifted Ford F-450 AC Man

This intimidating Ford F-450 was modified by Rad Rides for a lucky customer. It features 22-inch wheels and custom LED light bars. It looks like an absolute off-road monster, and even on the road, everybody will want to get out of your way when they see you in their rear-view mirror!

Kelderman Ford F-450 Dually

The Kelderman Ford F-450 dually comes with so many great features that it would be impossible to list them all. It comes equipped with a massive 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel engine, LED lightbars, custom headhlights, an air-suspension lift kit, and a futuristic-looking grille. The good folks over at Kelderman really did a number on this one.

Raptor Inspired By Fighter Jet

When a pickup truck is inspired by a fighter jet, you can guarantee it’s going to be an absolute beast. This one was built by Ford to pay homage to the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. It was auctioned off for a whopping $300,000 with the funds going to the Experimental Aircraft Association Gathering Of Eagles, an organization centered around aviation.

Modified F-250

This heavily-modified F250 can be described as an absolute doomsday machine. Just look at that off-road bumper! It is guaranteed to steal the show, whether off-road or on it. If you’re looking to modify your truck to become a better off-road performer, this can be a great source of inspiration.

AMFE Ford F-250 4x4 Tourer

This epic F-250 was modified by Allsafe Mine Vehicle Equipment (AMFE), and the main purpose was to make this truck better at touring and towing. It has been lifted by 4 inches, and this massive truck is a great off-road performer, but comfort hasn’t been neglected. In some cases, bigger truly is better!

Raised Kelderman F250 Monster Truck

This F-250 Monster Truck was modified by Kelderman with a 14-inch air ride lift kit as well as custom front and rear bumpers. It’s got quite the devilish look, fully black with black tinted windows, red rims, and some red detailing like on the grille. That’s one mean-looking machine!

Sick F-350 By Meagan Farough

Modifying this Ford F-350 took a total of two months, and it was done by Meagan Farough from British Columbia, Canada. She’s always been a big fan of trucks, as well as extreme sports, as you can probably tell by simply taking a look at the awesome decal. It’s been completely stripped down and modified, and it even has a stereo system under the rear seats!

Ford F-550 Super Duty 6x6 “Indomitus”

This Ford F550 has been given the six-wheel treatment, and it was sold in Minnesota for a whopping $145,000. That might seem a lot, but it really isn’t when you compare it to the $375,000 Roush Performance Silverado 6x6. It was built on a reality TV show where the Diesel Brothers turn junkyard diesel vehicles into amazing creations such as this one.

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