In today’s video find out if you’re the type of woman that rich men go for!

The kind of women rich men gravitate to

It’s not hard to figure out why rich men are attracted to certain women. There are many factors which come into play, but the most important is that they are attractive and have a lifestyle that is luxurious.

There are many types of women who attract rich men. These include jet-set babes, influencers, fashionistas and posh girls. Many people think that it’s easy for these girls to get a rich man because they have the right looks and lifestyle. But in reality, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

I work in finance (asset management) for 12 years now and you are spot on Anna!! In my experience they party first, and will date beautiful and flashy girls. Later they want to settle down and choose someone beautiful elegant and most important feminine!! A lot of them choose women from countries where the women are more feminine, polished etc. They see blue and grey suits all day so if you want to impress this man wear a red or pink dress, some heels, nice nail polish and be warm and inviting. I’ve seen that work time after time. It’s a rough world in finance, and they want someone sweet and caring to come home to, someone that they can also take to their mom.

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I prefer the guy that doesn’t completely hide his wealth but isn’t flashy either...Someone who’s generous and appreciates a woman with brains and beauty..

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