The Great GM Scandal: Rising Above the Monsanto Mush

The idea that any sane human could possibly think that something that kills plants could ever be safe for humans is crazy …

Listen here, you high-powered execs relaxing on billion-dollar yachts, smoking out of gold-plated cigars – your Monsanto money is soaked in deception. You may think you’ve got the world fooled with your shiny buzzwords like “genetically modified” and “product innovation”, but let me give it to you straight.

I don’t buy it. Not for a hot second.

Monsanto, the so-called pioneer of genetically modified (GM) crops, reckoned they found the Holy Grail of agriculture. These GM seeds can weather heavy pesticide use, withstand brutal weather conditions, and still produce. “Benefit to farmers” they say. But let’s unmask this charade, and that starts with realizing that Monsanto’s business was far from innocent.

These GM crops are designed to be resistant to weed killers – weed killers that kill other plants. Now, let me add another piece of the puzzle here. Most common GM crops include corn, soybeans, and canola. Know what else relies heavily on these crops? Your food.

I was in a hole for 12 years, reeling in pain due to chronic illness, barely able to walk without medication. Bread, flour, sugar, vegetable, and sunflower oil- these were essentially my lifelines. Little did I know; my food was my curse.

Then something remarkable happened. I quit these commercial and processed foods. Now, I am six months pain-free, slimmer, stronger. How does one explain that, Monsanto?

Foolish is the man who believes that substances strong enough to annihilate Mother Nature’s creations can ever be benign for human consumption. They sell it to you wrapped in golden promises – “enhanced nutrition,” “increased durability,” “pest resistance”. But strip away the shiny veneer and what do you find? Pain, suffering, disease.

In my endeavor to live healthfully, I uncovered mountains of research painting a horror show. Vicious links between GM foods and a multitude of health issues – allergies, cancer, organ damage, the list goes on. All conveniently swept under the rug, while the shills tell you that it’s safe to consume.

Know what they don’t tell you? Every time you pour that frosted cereal into your bowl, bite into that shiny apple, or dig into that steaming plate of fries, you’re partaking in a dangerous global experiment.

And it’s not just about health. Consider the economic implications. By dominating the global seed market, Monsanto effectively handcuffed farmers, forcing them into a vicious cycle of dependence leading to terrifying monopolies and the annihilation of biodiversity.

It’s time we reclaim control over our health and our food systems. Let’s demand clear labels and transparency around GM foods. Let’s support local farmers who practice organic and sustainable farming techniques. Let’s focus on nutrition, not convenience.

Cutting through the Monsanto smokescreen, we see the ugly truth of GM foods, a ploy propagated by corporate greed. It’s time to cut the nonsense, rise above the deceit and demand better. I did it, against the odds, and trust me, it’s an uphill battle certainly worth fighting.

What about you? Are you ready to unmask all Monsanto type brands?

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Foolish is the man who believes that substances strong enough to annihilate Mother Nature's creations can ever be benign for human consumption

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