Hey losers,

You know what? I’ve had enough of all this lovey-dovey crap. It’s time to expose the dark underbelly of this so-called “Tinder business model”. Strap yourselves in, because you’re about to see the brutal truth behind this dating app’s insidious algorithm.

Let’s start with the basics. Tinder claims to be all about finding love, right? Wrong! Their algorithm, my friends, is designed to make sure your love story comes with an expiration date. I mean, why would they want you to find everlasting love when it means you won’t need their app anymore?

Think about it, idiots. Tinder’s whole existence revolves around keeping you single and desperate. How do they do it? They dangle countless potential matches in front of you, knowing full well that most of them are just passing fads. It’s like a smorgasbord of shallow connections and temporary flings, all in the name of profit.

Here’s the deal, losers. Tinder wants you to keep swiping right, hoping that the next match will be “the one”. But guess what? The moment you start forming a meaningful connection, their algorithm kicks into gear and starts screwing with your chances of finding true love. Suddenly, the matches dry up, conversations go cold, and you’re left wondering what the hell happened.

It’s all part of their twisted plan, my friends. Tinder is like that toxic friend who keeps you around for their own selfish reasons. They want you hooked, addicted to the thrill of the swipe, but they don’t actually want you to succeed. They know that if you find lasting love, their precious app becomes obsolete, and that just won’t do.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on all the bots and fakes they let roam freely on their platform. It’s like a minefield out there, with catfishes lurking around every corner. Remember the Tinder Swindler??? But hey, who cares, right? As long as you keep coming back for more, Tinder is happy to turn a blind eye.

So, what’s the solution to this messed-up situation, you ask? Well, my fellow warriors, it’s time to rise above this nonsense. Delete that damn app and reclaim your freedom! There are plenty of other ways to find love that don’t involve being manipulated by some soulless algorithm.

But hey, if you’re feeling rebellious and want to stick it to the man, go ahead and keep swiping. Just do it with the knowledge that Tinder’s true intentions are far from pure. They want your money, your attention, and your perpetual longing for love.

So, my friends, it’s time to wake up and see the dark side of the Tinder business model. Don’t let yourself become another victim in their game of love roulette. Take control of your own destiny and find love on your own terms.

Now go forth, my warriors, and show Tinder who’s boss!

– Slaytition, out!








It's time to expose the dark underbelly of this so-called

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