The Colossal Tragedy of Nigeria: A Cry for Freedom

Nigeria, the Giant of Africa, once a prosperous and thriving nation, now lies in ruins, victim to the relentless greed and control from foreign powers. Today, I address the greatest tragedy befallen upon this great land, where the Nigerian government has succumbed to the pressure of multinational organizations like the IMF. Brace yourselves for an eye-opening account of how this beloved country has been reduced to a mere importer, with a near-dead currency and an insatiable thirst for opulence. Welcome to the colossal mess that is Nigeria.

The Curse of Devalued Currency:
Once upon a time, the Nigerian Naira stood tall and proud, matching the mighty US dollar in a one-to-one battle. But oh, how the mighty have fallen! Year after year, their cowardly government cowardly bows to the whims and wishes of foreign entities, devaluing their currency like clockwork. Today, the Naira tiptoes dangerously close to the disastrous 1000 Naira per USD mark. Can you fathom that? A currency, once a symbol of strength, now a laughingstock among nations. And all for what? To please those who see Nigerians only as a pawn in their global agenda.

Champagne Dreams and Tragic Realities:
If you thought the devaluation was the height of this tragedy, prepare yourself for an even greater revelation. Nigeria, my friends, is the highest consumer of champagne in the entire world! Yes, you heard that right. Nigerians consume more of this luxurious drink than even the French themselves, the very creators of this bubbly nectar. But here’s the bitter irony: they import it all. The country, blessed with abundant resources and a hardworking population, is reduced to relying solely on imported luxury. The taste of this tragedy is bitter indeed.

Production Limbo: The Death of Local Industries:
As I delve deeper into this abyssal tale, I am hit with the reality that there is little to no production happening within Nigeria. They have become slaves to their insatiable appetite for foreign goods. The local industries are decimated, crushed under the weight of bureaucratic corruption and poor governance. They were once self-sufficient, thriving on the fruits of their own labor. Now, they helplessly watch as their livelihoods are stripped away, replaced by a dependence on the West. Is this the future they envisioned for their great nation?

A Call for Change:
My heart aches for Nigeria, witnessing its tragic descent into helplessness and reliance on the West. The government has succumbed to the allure of power and short-term gains, forsaking the prosperity and self-sufficiency of the people. But the tragedy does not end here, my friends. We have the power to change this narrative, to break free from the chains that bind us. It is time to reclaim your independence, your self-sufficiency, and your dignity. Nigeria deserves better, and it is within your hands to create a brighter future. Let this colossal tragedy serve as a rallying cry for change, as you strive towards reclaiming your nation’s true potential. The alternative is unthinkable!!!








A near-dead currency and an insatiable thirst for opulence. Welcome to the colossal mess that is Nigeria.

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