I’m dating someone rn and is going great but hearing about dating stories from other women, the dating pool is trash. Many men today want all the benefits of a boyfriend without even committing to a relationship. It’s hard to find high quality men nowadays.

But one thing i’ve seen is body language is a key point stopping a lot of women from attracting the right kind of affluent Man.

The body language signs that repels attractive men can be a little hard to spot. The jet set babe might be flashing a smile and the affluent Slaylebrity school of affluence might have an air of elegance about them. But if you know what you’re looking for, it’ll be easy to spot the signs that this person is not interested in you at all.

These are some of the body language signs that repel attractive men:

_ Being overtly sexual

– Being too busy on their phone or laptop

– Not making eye contact

– Crossing their arms

– Acting like they don’t care

– Having an expensive taste and extravagance

– Holding out the door for the Man

– Insisting on paying the bill

– Spreading your legs

– Masculine postures

Are you secretly putting him off with these innocent body language cues? We all make mistakes, and I’m sharing some of the AWFUL ones I’ve made in my life that held me back from meeting my future husband….)

Till the next slay time!

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