Are you frustrated in choosing the social media platform to grow your network marketing business?

Do you know who are your perfect prospects and where to find them?
I am going to give you simple steps to find your perfect prospects, build your influence online, and accelerate your Network Marketing business.

How to pick a platform?
You need to decide which platform you are going to focus on. There are many different Social Media Platforms, and it’s all going to depend on who your perfect prospect is.

For example, if your perfect prospect is someone like me: I am over 30 and I’m married, I have kids. Then most of us are going to be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. So if your perfect prospect fits in that category, then you need to think about building your business on Instagram or Facebook.
Or, if you have a business for a younger generation like my kids, then you would want to think about Snapchat and TikTok.

Everything that we do here at slaylebrity VIP SOCIAL NETWORK is transcending above platforms, because it’s a strategy, not a tactic. So it’s important that you pick one. Don’t try to do all of them at once, that will come later. But if you’re brand new, just pick one platform and start there. 

Who is your perfect prospect?
Who is it that you want to recruit and who do you want for customers?
And these are going to be two different people usually. And as you create your perfect target audience, you probably have different products in your company, that will have different ideal target audiences.

For example, if your perfect prospect wants to lose weight, what does that person look like? What are his pains and desires? How is he feeling? We need to dial into the emotions of that person, because that’s how we’re going to talk to your perfect prospect in a little bit later, to build the “Know, like, and trust” faster.

Where does your perfect prospect hang out?
Where this target Audience is hanging out? Is it over on Facebook or on Snapchat? 
Do they follow certain gurus? Are they following Weight Watchers, if they’re trying to lose weight?

If you are looking for team members, do they now follow network marketers who help them learn how to work on Social Media? Pay attention to things like this.

Dive into those emotions and their feelings, because people make decisions based on emotions, and they make connections based on emotions and feelings as well. So if we can dial into those, then that will help you connect and build Audience faster.

Connect with new people
Go to those places, and make friends and be interested in them. 

My perfect prospect right now is over on Facebook. So how I do it is: I go into groups, people they follow, and I build relationships with people. So I don’t necessarily drop a lot of content in those groups and pages, but I do engage, I do connect with new people. So really here you’re trying to be a friend maker.

If you go inside of an aquarium, there’s all kinds of different fish, right? Well, let’s say that our perfect prospect is the goldfish. We need to go to the place in the aquarium, where the goldfish hang out. Now, it doesn’t mean that all the goldfish are going to be coming to us and wanting to join our team and buy our products.

It means that those goldfish are our perfect prospects, and it’s easier to fish in that goldfish pond, than it is to fish in the entire aquarium, right? So you want to go in and be a human first inside of those groups, inside of those pages, inside of those places, that your perfect prospects are hanging out, and engaging with them.

You would go in, provide questions, be interested in them, and really be a human first. I don’t want you dropping in their DM saying, “Hey, I saw that you posted, that you’re struggling in your business. Come and join me”.

That’s definitely not what we want to be doing. We want to build the “Know, like, and trust” first, so be a human first.

Pick one SM platform
Pick one Social Media platform to build on. And then create content that will help your perfect prospect in their problems.

Educate, motivate, inspire them, and then add some lifestyle up as well, so people can get to “Know, like, and trust” you. You want to be a human, they want to see a connection with you, and that’s the key. 

Keep 80% value based content and content that helps them with their problems. And then 20% of promotion of what you would like them to do. And this is how you are building that ecosystem, where you become a person of value. A person who brings inspiration into their lives daily.

So that they could say, “I saw that post from Brandy last week, and she was saying, that I could drink more water, go for a 10 minute walk and really start slow to lose weight. This will be more beneficial for your body than just training hard on the first day”.

As they see more and more of your content as you interact with them, they will see you as valuable and that you have what they are looking for.

Make sure, you keep it 80/20.
Value based content, – that’s what I normally do on all personal profiles. It doesn’t matter whether it’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or something else. Keep it on a personal profile for right now. It builds faster in the organic side of things.

Active and Passive Approach
Stay consistent and use an active and a passive approach to building your business.

As you’ve built these relationships, this doesn’t have to take months and months. It just can happen in a few short days. If you’re really diligent and consistent about what you’re doing. You’re going in, you are engaging with that person that you would love to work with, asking a few questions, and then it’s natural to friend him and get him or her into your world.

But most importantly, keep posting valuable content, that your target users see. After all, you interact with them every day, and they visit your page daily to watch new Reels, for example.
This is your Passive Approach.

Remember, on Social Media nothing happens without you being social first. You need to connect with people on the emotional level, and be interested in their lives.

Active approach means going in to those people that you’ve built those relationships with.
For example, if someone had seen your content for a week, and then you’re writing to him or her:
“You’re totally amazing! I would love to work with you. Would you love to jump on a Zoom Call, and talk about what that might look like?”

This is after the relationship is built, that’s an active approach or actively inviting someone to take a look at sneak peek, that you’re doing on Social Media in a private Facebook group, for example, or maybe you’re doing it on another Social Media platform. 

You need to actively invite as well as passively growing that content and growing that pipeline ecosystem of people to always pull from. So stick with active and passive.

Results take time
Give yourself time to see results.

This is really, really important. Nothing is going to happen in two days. We’re not Amazon Prime.
And I know that’s the way our mentality has started to go towards this micro wave mentality. We need everything just right now, right? And that’s how we think our business should be. This is one of the biggest mistakes.

I would say that if you are consistent for 60-90 days, posting valuable content to your Target Audience in your Niche, adding new people, really focusing on the content, on what you share with people for educational or entertainment purposes, and you do all your DMOs: what you need to do to get people to look at your business and look at your products, then you will see very good Results.

In 60-90 days you will have so many people to talk to, that you won’t know how to keep track of all the activities and information. And I know this because I experienced it myself not too long ago.

I continually to test here and there, how things are working, and what we teach, because I want to make sure, it’s still working. Because now everything changes so quickly. It was just recently, that I did that and I was very impressed, that I’ve got way too many people to talk to again!

Social Influencer GROWTH Formula
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Everything that we do here at slaylebrity VIP SOCIAL NETWORK is transcending above platforms, because it's a strategy, not a tactic.

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