Holiday gifts are a great way to show your love and appreciation. Today I talk about thoughtful gift ideas that affluent people will love!

Gifting is a time-honored tradition that is still practiced today. And, the practice has evolved from giving simple presents to giving thoughtful and expensive ones. While gifting can be done at any time of the year, there’s an increased focus on it during the holiday season. The holiday season is a time when people try to show their love and appreciation for one another by indulging in some of life’s most luxurious pleasures.

Some of the best luxury gifts are watches, jewellery, shoes and bags. These can be given as a token of appreciation or as an incentive for someone who has worked hard throughout the year. But how do you choose among all these options? This article will guide you through each category so that uou don’t make a faux pas!

Affluent Men certainly love Wine, so that’s a great place to start.

For Women Thoughtful gifts are the absolute best!

Someone gifted me olive oil last year, and it was actually a wonderful gift. They didn’t gift me olive oil, they gifted me slightly better tasting meals.

The best gift I ever received was a handmade journal with mine and my husband’s initials on it (he was my fiance at the time). Inside the journal he wrote out a ton of the text messages we sent each other when we were falling for each other. It was so heartwarming that he understood the sentiment. It made me cry. I’ve kept it as a keepsake and will forever.


Avoid perfume and clothing for women

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