Halloween is not only the spookiest time of year, it’s also a potential pranking battleground!
It’s not all candy corn and cookies, ya know?

The fine art of trick-or-treating is serious business for a lot of people, with an emphasis on the tricks.

People are probably already a bit on edge around Halloween time because of all the ghostly, ghouly, and superstitions, so it wasn’t hard for some creative people to pull one over their family and friends.

While the Coronavirus pandemic put a bit of a damper on holiday plans some people were still able to get their spooky fun on!

The trick to a good prank is to scare or trick people, but not in a mean or disrespectful way. April Fool’s is a good example of how “pranks” can get out of hand. In my opinion, a prank is not saying someone is dead or pregnant or getting divorced, and then turning around and going “psyche, gotcha!” A real prank is supposed to give someone a momentary fright attack before they can have a good laugh about it. Because that’s the true nature of pranks — to eventually make people laugh. So just be mindful.

Our favourite are dress up pranks

I had a neighbor growing up who had a giant scarecrow decoration that used to sit in the rocking chair on his front porch on Halloween. Throughout the night, he would periodically replace the scarecrow and subsequently frighten the living daylights out of kids like me. You can dress as a scarecrow, movie murderer, a witch — really anything that looks just fake enough to draw people in.

Word of warning

Be wary of anything that invites you to touch it or get closer to it, especially if it looks suspicious and a little too eager to get to know you. Case in point: a giant snowman just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk.

Checkout other spooky favourites below. Let us know which one would have you got you.

The flying ghost prank will scare the bejesus out of you

Epic Dress up Halloween Pranks

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Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any more scary! While the Coronavirus pandemic put a bit of a damper on holiday plans some people were still able to get their spooky fun on!

Source: @max_seletto

This man nearly gave his wife a heart attack by putting a printed photo of his face in a jar filled with green water. Husband preserves, anyone?

Source: Reddit

As if you needed a reminder that you never know who's behind that seemingly friendly mask...

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Always heed warnings, especially where giant spiders are concerned!

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Can I give you a hand with that milk?

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