It’s on New Day New Grind
I’ve got a question for you
Are you living life or is life living you
How bad do you want to be successful?
Are you ready to level up in life
Are you ready to go to that next level?
Are you sick of being average
I ask you again
Are you living life
Or is life living you!
Blessed and unstoppable
Today is a life changing seminar
On the art of greatness
Arise champion
Your life is about to be changed permanently if you want it to change.
If you are serious about success listen very carefully then Do!

Vision is the Genesis of all greatness
Now I’m going to ask you a life changing question
What do you want?
Successful people have self awareness
They know who they are
What they want
And why they want it
These questions will take you wherever you want to go
So I’m going to ask you again
What do you want in life?

Vision is the Genesis of all greatness
Your imagination is the wound that will give birth to your future
The starting point of all personal transformation
Is developing a powerful mental blue print
With the exact specifications of how you want your life to look

Clarity sets success in motion
Where there is no vision the people perish
The blessed and unstoppable think differently
They are the mental architects that imagine and design with their mind the kind of world they want to live in

See when you have a strong Vision for your life
You will begin to attract the people and circumstances needed to bring it into fruition
Anything that you can envision
In your mind clear enough and long enough
You can make happen

People without a vision are walking around in life In a state of confusion
Successful people understand that the world is pliable
And with enough mental clarity they can bend and shape their future at will.

Vision is the Genesis of all greatness
What do you want
You’ve got to start with this question in each area of your life
It’s time to bring your whole life into focus

What do you want your marriage to look like
What do you want your finances to look like
What do you want your body to look like
What kind of friends do you want to have
What kind of relationship with God do you want to have

You might not know all these answers right now
But I want you to get up everyday and ask these questions
Until you gain clarity over your life

People with Vision
Are magnetic
They attract success into their life
90% of the people in this world are walking around with no clear vision for their life

If you don’t have a clear vision for your life
You are more likely to be divorced
More likely to be overweight
More likely to end up in prison
More likely to go bankrupt
More likely to be unfulfilled

Vision is the key to a successful life
God did not create you to have life happen to you
You were designed to happen to life
Most people don’t want to do their inner homework required for success
Thinking is the hardest work there is
That’s why so few people actually do it

But you see the ones who do It
Become the successes
They become the legends
They become the entrepreneurs
They become the innovators

Vision and imagination are the tools that usher in change
Vision is the genesis of all greatness!

What do you want in life
If you could do anything in this world and know that you wouldn’t fail
What would it be?
Think outside the box
By moving your mind into the realm of unlimited possibilities
Because with God all things are possible
Get a vision for your life
You are Blessed and unstoppable

I’ve got goals, dreams and a vision so big
So massive
That it scares me
If I told you my intentions
If I articulated my destiny out loud
With people around
There will be a high probability
That I would be institutionalised
On grounds that I’m delusional
That I’m crazy
That I’ve lost all sense of reality
I know that I don’t have the talent
The ability
The education
The natural gifts
The background
The connections
The image
The financial resources
To bring my massive ambitions to fruition
The truth is I live right on the edge of
Foolishness at the intersection between genius and INSANITY!
I know I’m not qualified
Nor equipped with the things
Required to achieve this level of greatness
That I strive for
However I am bold in this one area
And that area is faith
I believe not in my own efforts
But in that in the one who is almighty
Mighty in all things
The one who promised me that his grace is sufficient
I don’t hope that God still moves
I know he does
Therefore i pick up my five stones
For my sling shot
And I fear not the modern day Goliath’s
The Giants that stand against me
The walls of Jericho
And the armies and riches of today’s pharaohs
I lock my eyes on the prize
And without any doubt nor hesitation
Or anxiety
I press forth waving the banner of the one true God
And I slay the enemies
Who whisper doubt
And fear in my ears for years
That same spirit that many claimed died off at the end of the book of Acts
Has lighted unquenchable fire
Deep on the inside of me
To do what the world keeps on saying is impossible
My purpose is to glorify and bring acclaim to the God who still moves
Who still lives in the hearts of those who trust him
For my roots run deep in the red clay soil of my heritage

The daughter of a mother and father who gave me the DNA of a champion
Who taught me the process
Who refused to let me quit
Who pointed me to the creator
Now my daily walks with him
Unleashed the power that flows unrestricted
Unrestrained unfiltered out of my mouth to change the world.
God still moves

I speak life
And strength today
To every wounded soul
Broken heart
The sick
The lame
The hurting
The scared
The fearful
The lost
The damaged
The Broken

I am here to tell you that God still moves
All things are possible
And I dream so big that it takes the limits of of God
So that he can glorify himself through me an average nobody
I surrender and submit every ounce of my being
So that he can use me to inspire you today
I speak not for accolades or recognition
Or personal validation
I speak
I grind
And I climb the mountain of success
To bring the one true God of Abraham
And I boldly pursue my calling fearlessly attacking the unknown
For each day is the day for me
I attack going all out
All in
I burnt everything a long time ago
I only know 120
Do or Die
With the type of grind faith and perseverance
That it takes to move mountains
I exemplify the light
I radiate champion
And I execute with precision
In the daily actions required to
Penetrate the walls that stand against me
With a shout of praise
Those walls are no match for me
For God has promised me
anointed me
And will deliver me
From all the enemies that stand in the way of my greatness
Now God is no keeper of persons
What he did for me he will do the same for you
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever
And those miracles you read about in the word in the Old Testament
They weren’t isolated
For just one small time period
They are valid today
And anybody with faith
Anybody with trust
Can see it and can experience those same type of miracles now
So if you are on the verge of giving up
Listen now

I am here to tell you that
And you hearing this is no coincidence nor mistake
I was struggling for many years and it’s this type of inspiration that got me through those years
I take this seriously
I know where some of you are right now
Just believe








The starting point of all personal transformation Is developing a powerful mental blue print With the exact specifications of how you want your life to look Clarity sets success in motion!

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