Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the crème de la crème of historical Michelin restaurants in London. These culinary gems have stood the test of time, serving royalty, Slaylebrities, and taste connoisseurs for centuries. Today, we unveil the absolute top five that will transport your taste buds to the glory days of British gastronomy.

At number five, we have The Ivy, a legendary establishment that has seduced its diners with Shepherd’s Pie for generations. If you haven’t tasted this divine creation, you might as well pack your bags and move to Siberia. The Ivy’s Shepherd’s Pie is the epitome of comfort food, guaranteeing a symphony of flavors that will make your heart sing.

Location: 1-5 West St, London WC2H 9NQ, United Kingdom

Coming in at number four is Simpson’s In The Strand, a restaurant that holds a special place in the heart of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself. Yes, you heard it right, the literary genius behind Sherlock Holmes couldn’t resist the charms of Simpson’s. And neither should you! Indulge in their famous roasted meats while channeling your inner detective and searching for clues to unlock the secrets hidden within each dish.

Location: 100 Strand, London WC2R 0EZ, United Kingdom

Prepare to have your taste buds tantalized as we arrive at number three: Sweetings. If you have an affinity for seafood, this is your heaven on Earth. Oysters, shrimp, and lobsters dance on your palate as you relish the ocean’s bounty. Sweetings has become a pilgrimage site for seafood enthusiasts, and its reputation is well deserved. Let the sea creatures caress your senses and transport you to Neptune’s underwater kingdom.

Location: 39 Queen Victoria St, London EC4N 4SF, United Kingdom

Stepping up the ladder of indulgence, we find ourselves at number two, Wilton’s. Are you ready for a seafood extravaganza? Dive into the ocean of delights as you savor the succulent oysters and fresh langoustines. Wilton’s brings seafood to a whole new level, leaving you breathless with each bite. It’s no wonder that this institution has secured its spot amongst the elite of London’s dining scene.

Location: 55 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6LX

And now, drumroll please, for the crown jewel, the number one historical Michelin restaurant in London: Rules. Established in 1798, this institution is a living legend, offering the finest game dishes fit for a king. Immerse yourself in the rich British hunting tradition as you savor the flavors of venison, pheasant, and rabbit. Rules is not just a restaurant; it’s a time capsule that transports you to an era of opulence and grandeur.

Location: 34-35 Maiden Ln, London WC2E 7LB, United Kingdom

If you haven’t made your reservations yet, what are you waiting for? These historical Michelin restaurants are waiting to embrace you in their timeless charm. Step into the past and let your taste buds be the ultimate judge of culinary greatness. Your journey through London’s gastronomic history starts now! Bon appétit!









Let me introduce you to the crème de la crème of historical Michelin restaurants in London.

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