Adrenaline seekers have long swum with sharks, but a woman in the Bahamas has taken the challenge a step further by adding a little more danger.
The brave woman dared to swim with a school of sharks just moments after throwing several pieces of red meat into the water.

A video filmed at Compass Cay shows the sharks quickly gathering to get their share of the food while the blonde, wearing a white one-piece, prepares to join in the fun.

She then uses a ladder to descend into the shark-filled water and calmly pet the fish all around her before peacefully lying on her back on the crystal-clear water.
She gets out of the water and then dives right back in and poses alongside her new friends underwater.
The woman has not been identified, but one thing is for sure: she has courage. 

By Daily Mail

Would you dare?

Would you look this sexy in the midst of sharks?

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