The New Commandments of the Digital Dictatorship – Unmasked!

Hello to everyone brave enough to read this.

Just got off yet another call where I’m told my bank account has been shut down. Absolutely no stipulated reason, just one more door closed against me – because power resides on their side of the negotiation table. It’s clear as day: we’re living in a new world order where you’re allowed to own nothing, control nothing, and question nothing.

I, head concierge at Slay Politics – four-time World digital real estate Champion, entrepreneur, relentless rule-breaker – am here to voice what most are too conditioned to even whisper. This isn’t some Orwellian NightWatch knocking at your door – no, it’s much subtler. Yet, it’s just as fearsome: the banks, social media platforms, and insurance companies are all stepping into the shoes of Big Brother.

In this constantly connected, highly digitized world we exist in, these institutions have stationed themselves as the gatekeepers of the modern economy, our voice, and our possessions. They’ve turned us into mere puppets in their grand narrative, silencing us with unreasoned penalties, refusing us the money we’ve earned, denying our rightful compensations.

Banks, once built on the ethos of trust, are now breeding skepticism. I was recently informed that my bank account was shut down, an order dictated without reason. Reflect, if you will, on the implications. Your cash, your efforts, your dreams are just digits they can snuff out in seconds, without an explanation.

Next up, the so-called champions of freedom of expression – social media platforms. Monetized my channel on YouTube and what equates? Three months and still haven’t been paid a dime. Can’t question them either – that would mean risking the wrath of the algorithm, getting demonetized, or worse, de-platformed.

And lastly, let’s address the lovely world of insurance. Theft, such a blatant crime, right? Try arguing that point when your fully-insured van gets stolen, and the insurance company turns thief themselves, refusing to pay the full deserved amount.

No, my friends, the dystopia isn’t approaching; it’s already here, summoned by the institutions we thought were here to serve us.

Now, this isn’t a call to panic. No. This is a call to rise, to question, to demand your due. A call to understand the dynamics of power you’re unwittingly a part of. This isn’t about throwing the baby out with the bathwater; it’s to cleanse the system of its filth.

What gets me out of bed each morning, in spite of this system, is my belief that we’re not as powerless as they want us to believe. We just need to wake up.

My invitation to you today, right now, is to start consciously observing, questioning, and reclaiming your control. Time to step out of the imposed narrative and into a free world. Here’s to upsetting the established order because if nothing else, at least we’ll rattle some cages.

Welcome to the New World Order. It’s time to rewrite the rules.








Institutions have stationed themselves as the gatekeepers of the modern economy, our voice, and our possessions. They've turned us into mere puppets in their grand narrative

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