Embark on the ultimate skydiving experience by booking the Tandem Sky dive.

Embark on the ultimate skydiving experience in Dubai by booking the Tandem Skydive. Since this is one of the few skydives offered that doesn’t require prior experience in the field, you can truly make the most of this in the most hassle free manner. With a premier Palm drop zone where you can skydive and capture exceptional views of, this truly is the best outdoor skydiving experience in the city!

Strap in with a world-class instructor and experience the hair-raising, pulse-quickening feeling of freefall at over 120 miles an hour from a height of 13,000 ft!
Have the entire dive documented by a professional camera flyer who will accompany you
Take home photos and a specially edited video of your skydive after the fact to commemorate this once in a lifetime experience.
Enjoy spectacular views of the Palm Jumeirah and other sights nearby during your experience!
The Dubai Skydive experience takes a total of 3 hours to complete – from arrival to your landing after the jump.
As a slay lifestyle Headout Exclusive, choose between getting free tickets to visit the 124th and 125th floor of the Burj Khalifa (non-prime hours) along with your Tandem Skydive experience for all bookings! Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive further instructions to redeem your free Burj Khalifa.

Your Experience
A tandem skydive is experienced while strapped in with a partner, generally an experienced instructor who will take you through the motions. It is like this that you experience the exhilaration of jumping from a moving plane at 13, 000 ft, not to mention the 60-second free fall that will follow. Sounds scary and exciting at the same time but don’t worry, you’ll be int he best possible hands.

SkyDive Dubai is the biggest name in adventure sports in the city. Having taken the lead in terms of providing high-quality services when it comes to aerial sports, they have developed an incredible location in Dubai, offering the most awe-inspiring views as the setting for your once in a lifetime experience flight experience, which is the Palm Drop Zone located in the heart of the city.

On the day of your reservation, you will have to make your way to the Palm Drop Zone. The entire experience takes 3 hours to complete, starting from the registration upon arrival to the final jump. After registration and waiver forms are filled out, and your BMI is calculated for safety reasons, a spot for you will be reserved on one of SkyDubai’s aircrafts. The health check, registration and initial instructions take around 2 hours. About half an hour before you board the plane, you will be introduced to your instructor who will walk you through the whole procedure, give you a safety briefing, walk you through the best positions for the free fall that is soon to come and help you put on your harness. You will be accompanied by a camera flyer who will interview you prior to boarding (be sure to smile every time you see them!).

You will then be taken to the boarding area, taking pictures all the while, as safety checks are conducted on all equipment and the aircraft itself. You will then board your aircraft and, as you ascend, get to marvel at breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. The ride on the way up is 20 minutes long and right before you reach exit altitude, a whopping 13,000 ft or 4,000 m, you will be harnessed to the front of your instructor, checked over once more before jumping from the aircraft. You will free fall for a full 60 seconds, but do try to smile for the camera as you do! Your parachute will finally deploy at 6000 ft, following which you will have up to five minutes of a comparatively relaxing parachute ride, allowing you to get your bearings and admire the incredible views of the surrounding areas as you descend.

The rest is better experienced than told, but we can guarantee, you’re not bound to forget it any time soon!

As a slay lifestyle headout Exclusive, get free tickets to visit the 124th and 125th floor of the Burj Khalifa along with your Tandem Skydive experience for all bookings! Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive further instructions to redeem your free Burj Khalifa tickets for a date and time of your choosing! What better way to round off your Dubai adventure?

Tandem Skydive over the Palm
Freefall at 120 miles/ hour from 13,000 ft
Free Burj Khalifa Tickets
Pictures and videos of the Skydive experience
USB Flash Drive by Skydive Dubai
Expertly Trained Instructor
World Class Security Measures

Know Before You Go

All participants must be at least 18 years old on the day of their flight.
Weight and BMI, Body Mass Index, for participants with clothing and sports shoes, must not exceed the maximum safety requirements when it is checked by the Skydive Dubai staff at the registration desk. Should these numbers exceed our requirements, you will not be permitted to Skydive.
Pregnant women will not be allowed to participate in this activity.
Participants 60 years and older on the day of their Skydive must have a doctor’s certificate, clearing them of any medical conditions (a full list is provided at the bottom of this page).
All participants must carry valid photo ID on the day of your experience and a waiver form must be signed at the time.
The flight may not take place when the weather conditions are poor. If you feel unsure about the weather on the day of your experience, you can reach out on the details mentioned in your confirmation voucher to check flight status.
These are legal and manufacturer restrictions and exist for safety reasons, as such, no exceptions will be made.

Important Information
Click here to view more details about the complimentary Burj Khalifa tickets.
In order to book your time slot for the Burj Khalifa, click on the above link and, in the next step of the booking, choose a time slot from the drop down and choose the option called, “Burj Khalifa Tickets”.

Flights are available seven days a week, with the option of sunrise or sunset timings. Depending on the availability, the final time slot of your flight could change by 60-90 minutes from the time slot you have selected during checkout. Please note that all times are subject to last minute changes in case of change in daily flying conditions.

Please check the tickets that you get before leaving for the drop location. It is recommended that you reach at least 30 minutes before your time slot. The service provider reserves the right to charge a 100% no-show fee if you don’t show up at the start time.

Dress Code
We recommend that you wear comfortable and athletic clothes along with sneakers or sport shoes for this activity.

Cancellation Policy
These tickets cannot be canceled although it can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance.

Price: $599


Embark on the ultimate skydiving experience

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