There are certain things that you might be doing that give away that you’re not from the upper class. If you wan’t to have success in high society there are certain rules that you have to follow!

Some tips to note

Be interesting but don’t overwhelm people
Be polite but don’t be boring
Be interested in others but not intrusive
Don’t drop names or share contact info

In other words, be real, be kind, have fun, and know your own value.

Some Quotes I Live by

Having class is about how you treat other people.
Looks may help you getting in but, character is what makes you stay in
It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.

What i have noticed is that people, either professionally or socially, will treat people they see as their “equals” respectfully..mutal respect.. But when they encounter someone who they determine, either professionally or socially, “beneath” them, they treat that person like garbage. With a high degree of disdain and haughtiness. And that, to me is THE MOST UNCOUTH behavior I’ve seen! You ARE exactly the person you behave to be when you encounter someone who you might consider either less than you professionally or socially.. if you treat them like trash, you ARE trash.

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To be kind just because is true wealth...If you treat them like trash you are TRASH!

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