Ferrari is one of the most famous brands in the world, which also means their cars are some of the most sought after status symbols available. Available is, of course, a relative term, as there are plenty of hoops to jump through in order to buy even one of their base models.

The thing is though, after buying that first Ferrari, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna be any easier to get approval for the next one – at least not for those who’ve set their sights on one of the extremely exclusive special edition cars.
Whether we’re talking about the first Ferrari or the 20th, there are rules and procedures that must be followed. Some rules appear in the contract and others are unwritten – but they’re often just as important.

Get A Foot In The Door

You can forget about walking into a Ferrari dealership for the first time and leaving with the keys to one of their limited edition cars. In fact, they won’t always sell you a brand new car at all.
Instead, what often happens is the dealership will tell you to start with one of the used cars they have for sale, then your next Ferrari can be a new one.

Potential Owners Must Agree To Undergo A Rigorous Background Check

Any car dealership will, of course, do a quick check to see if the buyer can actually afford to pay for the car. Ferrari, however, is much stricter than that.
Not only do they want to know if you can pay for it, they also want to make sure only the right type of people are seen behind the wheel in one of their vehicles.

Repairs Must Be Carried Out At Approved Garages

If Ferrari actually lets you buy one of their cars, you’ll have to agree that you’ll only take your car to their officially-approved repair shops if it breaks down or needs to undergo service. It may be more expensive, but if the company finds that you have been getting repairs done at your local garage, then your very expensive warranty will be void!

…And Only Official Ferrari Parts Can Be Used

Older Ferraris shared a lot of components with Fiats and Alfa Romeos. For all we know, there might be some shared component to this day.
They might be a lot cheaper since they’re not official Ferrari parts, but forget about using those if you want to keep your warranty. Ferrari is having none of that!

Agree Not To Sell It Within A Certain Time Period

The rules for Ferrari ownership are strict, especially so for special edition cars. Owners are not allowed to sell new cars within the first year of buying them from Ferrari. This is included in the contract to prevent people from buying limited edition Ferraris and then flipping them for a profit because of the increased demand.

Buyers Have To Agree To Let Ferrari Know If They Want To Sell

Anyone buying a brand new Ferrari from a dealership has to sign a contract – and it really is necessary to read all the small print! For example, owners are told to let Ferrari know before they plan to sell their vehicle. They do this so they can decide if they want to buy the car back themselves in order to keep close control over who owns their vehicles.

Some Special Vehicles Have To Be Sold Back To Ferrari

While owners of Ferrari cars are told to let the company know when they are selling their vehicles or are banned from selling limited edition vehicles entirely within the first year, Ferrari won’t always buy back those cars.
However, there are some special cars that absolutely have to be sold back to Ferrari, so that the company can control completely who owns their flagship cars.

Ferrari Doesn’t Want You To Own One Of Their Cars If You Have A Lamborghini

Anyone who knows the history between these Italian supercar makers knows that there’s a strong rivalry between them. They are constantly trying to outdo each other with new innovations, and they expect brand rivalry from their owners too. Ferrari isn’t too keen when their high profile owners also have Lamborghini cars in their collection.

Being a Slaylebrity Helps

Ferrari has strict rules regarding who can buy their limited-edition cars. But if there’s one sure-fire way to get yourself to the top of the waiting list, it’s by being a Slaylebrity. Ferrari, like any other company, likes to see their products associated with famous faces, so these people can usually buy a Ferrari without problems – and they’re able to get their names on the waiting list for special editions.

Potential Buyers Have To Get In Line For Special Edition Cars

For most people, any Ferrari would be a welcome addition to a car collection. But millionaires and billionaires usually have a few Ferraris already – what they really want are the special edition models.
There’s no way to jump the queue for these vehicles, however, and even rich and famous Ferrari fans have to put their names down on the list.

It’s Far From Easy To Buy A Special Edition

When it comes to getting your hands on a limited edition Ferrari model, it sometimes isn’t enough to just be rich and famous. Even owning several Ferraris already, or even having your name on the waiting list doesn’t guarantee limited edition ownership.
Ferrari doesn’t believe the customer is always right. Instead, Ferrari will always have the right to choose who’s allowed to drive their special editions.

Even Noted Ferrari Owners Aren’t Guaranteed Special Editions

There are Ferrari collectors out there who already own several special editions. They’ve spent millions of dollars with the company over the years, yet they’re still not guaranteed approval to buy a limited edition model.
One Ferrari collector even took the company to court when he was told he wouldn’t be allowed to buy one of the 209 LaFerrari Apertas built in 2017.

Visit The Factory

While most customers are encouraged to pay a visit to the factory, either before or after they purchase their first Ferrari, this is one of the must-do things if you want a special edition.
If you’ve never been to visit Ferrari’s factory in Maranello, that’s another mark against you, which means you won’t get that shiny red hypercar.

Don’t Tamper With The Engine

There’s an urban legend saying you’re not allowed to open the engine hatch or hood on your Ferrari. That’s wrong. However, modifying and performing work on the engine is not allowed.
Ferrari will charge you if there’s any tampering with the engine. Plus, you risk losing the warranty. Reading the fine print in the contract really helps avoid these things.

Don’t Modify The Car

So you were allowed to buy one of these automotive masterpieces, and now you want to modify it. The only problem is that Ferrari doesn’t allow that. They have been known to take their cars back if people don’t follow the rules, so if you were barely allowed to buy it in the first place, have Ferrari customize it for you – every car can be tailor-made from the factory.

Don’t Hide The Logo

Deadmau5 decided to rename his Nyan Cat Ferrari “Purrari.” Bad idea. He received a cease and desist letter from them for it.
The logo carries a lot of history. Francesco Baracca, a famous pilot, had the horse painted on his fighter plane. It’s believed that Enzo met Baracca’s parents who told him that the act of putting the black horse on Ferrari cars was a sign of good luck.

Agree To Never Paint It Pink

Ferrari owners are also strongly discouraged from giving their cars a pink paint job. A Ferrari representative has told the press that pink is not consistent with the brand’s “standards and ethos.”
Ferrari will never make a pink car, and those who choose to paint their Ferrari rose, blush, or salmon might find themselves faced with a cease and desist order from Ferrari.

Don’t Criticize The Company

In 2011, current Top Gear host Chris Harris wrote a less than complimentary blog post for Jalopnik entitled “How Ferrari Spins.” In the article, he claimed Ferrari optimized test cars to ensure excellent results in magazine performance tests. As a result, Ferrari banned Harris and even took him off their list, giornalisti che possono prendere in prestito un’auto (journalists entitled to loaner cars).

Check All The Options Boxes

According to the Ferrari Chat forums, the dealers prefer customers who will order heavily optioned cars that Ferrari can buy back. These customers drive the cars for a short period and ‘sell’ them back to the dealer for what they paid. Then the dealer puts it up for sale for $50 – $100K over MSRP. The customer drove for free, has a buying history, and the dealer makes more money.

Accept The Invitation Into The Family

After being found eligible to buy your first Ferrari, you’ll get invitations to gatherings and events you’d never otherwise get invited to.
If you want a chance at buying a second Ferrari – perhaps a rarer model – you’ll want to show up at these gatherings and chat with other attendees. This is a Ferrari thing that goes right back to Enzo and his mythical favorite model: the next one.

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Concierge Price: $4,470,942

Offer Number: 20G0115
Color: Rosso Corsa Red
Upholstery: Nero Black
Mileage: 200 km
Seats: 1
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: Petrol
Capacity: 6,262 cm³
Power (kW): 596 kW
Power (PS): 810 PS
Emission Standard: Euro 5
Fuel Consumption (in town): 21.4 l/100 km*
Fuel Consumption (out of town): 11.1 l/100 km*
Fuel Consumption (comb.): 14.9 l/100 km*
CO₂ Emissions (comb.): 340 g/km*
CO₂ Efficiency Rating: G



* Bodycolor: Rosso Corsa Red
* Upholstery: Nero Black Leather

* EXTC Rosso Corsa
* 4HAR 4 Point safety Harnesses
* CALY Yellow Brake Callipers
* CEL2 Carbon Fibre Filter Box
* CEWA Carbon Fibre Wheelhouse Arches
* CEXD Reardiffusor In Carbon Fibre
* CEXG Front Air Vents in Carbon Fibre
* CEXS Carbon Fibre Underdoor Cover
* CHRS GT2 Monocoque Racing Seat
* CISK Exterior Sill kick in Carbon
* CIZB Carbon Fibre Front Luggage Compartment Area
* CLDT Coloured inner details
* ELEV Suspension Lifter
* FCWS Carbon fibre front spoiler
* HELE High emotions low emission
* PAC3 Front and rear parking cameras
* PPAB Racing driver set
* STC2 Colored special stittching O.R


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You can forget about walking into a Ferrari dealership for the first time and leaving with the keys to one of their limited edition cars. In fact, they won't always sell you a brand new car at all.

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