In the iron-clad, high-flying world where giants walk—the world where success is not just a dream but a demand—Herbert Wigwe, a titan of Nigerian banking, ruled his domain with a mind sharper than a Damascus blade. Access Bank wasn’t just his job; it was his canvas, his Colosseum, where he battled and triumphed.

But even titans can fall. In a shattering twist of fate, it’s reported that Wigwe’s journey was cut short, in the unforgiving claws of an inferno raging from the wreckage of a helicopter crash. Not unlike the tragic fate of another legend, the basketball demigod Kobe Bryant, fate too showed its indiscriminate cruelty to Wigwe, his family, and others soaring through life, literally above the rest.

“Avoid choppers this time of year”? Maybe that’s one lesson. Or maybe the lesson is colder, grimmer, and yet clearer than the winter air that failed to keep their chopper aloft: Tomorrow is never promised.

Now, I’m not one to wax poetic about destiny or fate, because in the Slaytition doctrine, you grab the bull by the horns, you carve your path, you shape your destiny. But there’s one adversary even the greatest of us can’t outmaneuver: time. And damn, does its unpredictability sting like a right hook you never saw coming.

Take this not as a scare tactic, but as a wake-up call. Every heartbeat is a ticking countdown, every sunrise is not a given but a gift. Wigwe carved an empire from the raw materials of the marketplace, he wrangled chaos into order, and even in the face of mortal risk, the likes of him, Kobe, and other high-flyers dared greatly.

Should we tread the Earth timidly, casting anxious glances at the sky? No. Slaytition’s creed doesn’t waver for fear. But respect—that’s different. Respect the beast of uncertainty that pads quietly alongside us all. I say, live fiercely, take your shots, grind stubbornly toward your summit.

But never forget, not even once, that the specter of chance does not discriminate by wealth or ambition. You are not invulnerable. So, make every damned day count. Pour passion into your veins like premium fuel. Love with the intensity of a storm, glare into life’s abyss and make it back down first.

To Herbert Wigwe, a fallen warrior of the financial arena, we salute. To the legacy left burning bright, it incites not sorrow but an undying resolve to cash in on every moment life grants us.

Because, when the end comes, what will it meet? A life brimming with tales, triumphs, and a path blazed so boldly that even death has to pause in respect?

Or will it find dreams withering in the shade of hesitation?

The choice is stark, urgent, and irrevocably ours. Live like a titan. In memory, in honor, in defiance.









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