Ariana Grande is a woman on fire. At just 26 years old, she is a GRAMMY Award winner, the most followed woman on Instagram, the youngest person to ever headline Coachella, and is currently on her third world tour for her album, Sweetener. With her powerhouse voice in direct contrast to her small stature the “thank u, next” songstress has captivated millions. Those most enchanted with Grande are her loyal fans, who fondly refer to themselves as “Arianators” and support the singer’s every move. Grande admits that she has a pretty intense connection to her fans, and it almost borders on weird.

What most people don’t know is she’s actually a broadway trained singer, one of her first major gigs was on the broadway show 13.

But it’s not all sunshine and greatness for this star. Quite a lot of people also think Ariana is deeply strange.

Accusations that Ariana Grande has been imitating black people by speaking with a “blaccent” have sparked an online debate, with many people rushing to the “Thank U, Next” singer’s defence.
The allegations arose online following an interview with Grande conducted by Billboard, in which she spoke about a variety of childhood photos.

While looking at a photo of herself as a toddler eating a cookie, she said: “I’m like b***h, that’s my cookie, that’s my juice, okay. Carry on. Thank you next, that’s what this baby picture says.”

Some have claimed that Grande was deliberately trying to sound like a black woman during the interview, and have criticised her for committing cultural appropriation by doing so.

“Her voice goes from normal to trying to imitate a black woman,” one person tweeted in response to the video.

Why is she trying to sound like Beyoncé,” another person wrote.
A “blaccent”, as defined by Wiktionary, is an accent that is “characteristic of African-Americans”.

This isn’t the first time that the star has been accused of cultural appropriation, with some saying that she purposely tans her skin to look especially dark.
A number of social media influencers have recently come under fire for “blackfishing”, which involves using makeup, hair products and, in some cases, surgery to drastically change their appearance.

“Ariana Grande has fake tanned her skin to the extreme, enlarged her lips, and fakes a stereotyping blaccent,” one person wrote in a tweet that’s garnered more than 3,000 likes.

Cultural appropriation is the exploitation of non-white cultures. It isn’t literally claiming to be a different race.

Face it – she’s a white woman in brown/blackface.”
Numerous people have been defending Grande, with many stating that there is no truth to the “blaccent” accusations.

Many have also highlighted the fact that Grande’s voice has been the same ever since her days as a teen Nickelodeon star on TV series Victorious.
“Y’all really grasping for straws trying to make her look bad. Oh well,” one person tweeted.

Why would she try to imitate a black woman? Like y’all are just hating to hate at this point. Please come up with something else. Something better,” another person wrote.
Some people have pointed out the fact that the allegations have made sweeping generalisations about the way in which black women speak.
“So are you implying that that’s what black women should sound like, lmfao that’s so pathetic,” someone wrote on Twitter.
“None of the women in my family nor any of my black women friends sound like that, thank u next.”

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Lady Gaga We think has gotten past her “be weird for attention” phase. She’s still weird, but she’s not excessively weird for no reason and she can be normal when she has to be instead of just being weird 24/7 like say Ariana Grande

Who Is Ariana Grande's New Boyfriend?

For starters: He's selling Shaun White's $9 million beach house. Ariana Grande is getting a head start on her 27th birthday celebrations. This year, she's partying it up with her new boo: Dalton Gomez. The "Thank U Next" singer shared a whole gallery of adorable pics on Instagram, including a loved up one with Dalton. Yep, the darling duo just became Instagram official. Ariana captioned the photo series: "almost 27 :)." She also included cute photos and videos of her pups and a throwback of herself. The couple has been dating since January 2020, per People, so basically 10 years. However, they've kept details about their 'ship pretty private so far. That leaves lots of questions about who the "Stuck With U" singer is cozying up to these days. It's high time you got to know Ariana Grande's new boyfriend Dalton Gomez: Dalton and Ariana are keeping their relationship private. The fun details, like how they met (was it real estate love at first sight?) and fell for each other, are under wraps for now. They were spotted kissing in a bar in Northridge, CA, in February, per TMZ. Dalton was dubbed a "mystery man" and then later identified by TMZ. Four months later, they just became Instagram official when Ariana shared a gallery of cute pictures, including one of them cuddled close together. Dalton is a Los Angeles real estate agent. He works as the sole buyer's agent for the high end real estate company, Aaron Kirman Group. (Think a la the cast of Netflix's Selling Sunset.) He closes high-profile deals with A-list clients, but you'd be hard-pressed to find out exactly who he reps. Dalton has one mega listing he's working on: selling Shaun White's Malibu beach house, per The Manual. The modern three-bedroom home is located on a bluff in the heart of Malibu. It's listed for $8.995 million, nbd. He's a Southern California native. Dalton knows the SoCal housing market well—he grew up in the area, after all. It seems to have paid off. He has one of the largest rolodexes of A-list buyers and is already connecting many high profile deals across LA, according to his Aaron Kirman bio. "Highly sought after for his extensive knowledge in the fields of significant architecture and luxury estates, he is quickly becoming an industry titan," the bio reads. Dalton made a cameo in Ariana's song "Stuck With U." Prior to Ariana's big Insta reveal, she confirmed their relationship via her music video. The new, stay-at-home inspired duet with Justin Bieber showed a glimpse into her own quarantine companion. Near the end of the clip, Ariana and Dalton hug and dance together. Cue the awww! His Instagram account is currently set to private. He also gives no additional info away in his bio—it's all purely professional.

Source: Women’s Health Mag

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