Radisson Blu Ikeja Lagos – Deciphering the Epitome of Luxury

As I sit, dramatically poised in utmost glamour and sophistication, the act of writing about the Radisson Blu Hotel in Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria becomes less of a task and more of a lustful play. I believe it is time to further this discourse because this place is not merely a hotel, but a celestial dimension of luxury.

From the moment you step into Radisson Blu Ikeja, Lagos, you’ll be ensnared by an exquisite blend of finesse, opulence, and sheer class that leaves you craving more. It’s like playing a game of high stakes chess; where the odds are steep, the adrenaline is high, and the victory leaves you with an inexplicable sense of grandeur. This opulent lair is all set to reposition your perception of luxury and will make you rethink every other vacation you have been on in Nigeria before.

**The Cuisine That is Redefining ‘Incredible’**

Venture into the gastronomic wonderland awaiting you at the Radisson Blu. The food palate here isn’t just “great”; it’s art. Delicate, decadent, dashing delicacies served up with panache so infectious, it’ll leave you basking in the afterglow of a tantalizing adventure. Whether it’s the authentic Nigerian dishes that transport you to local food heavens, or the international cuisine that awakens you to flavors both familiar and exciting – the food safari here is undeniably stunning.

**Living The Marvellous Dream in Super Luxurious Rooms**

While the food takes your taste plate on a thrilling roller-coaster, the rooms, these super luxurious dreamscape cocoons wrap you in a cocoon of surreal tranquillity that’s par excellence. Not just the best in Lagos right now, but arguably in the entire West Africa, the rooms at Radisson Blu Ikeja survive to exude an aura of regality, style, and technology that’s second to none. Exquisite linens cradle you in absolute comfort, creating an ambience that is as relaxing as it is refined. It’s that perfect blend of comforting warmth and chic modernity that make the rooms so enrapturing.

**The Sensational Spa – A Balm for The Soul**

The wellness gift continues with the onsite spa – a sanctum of sensual bliss and restorative tranquillity. As you embark on a therapeutic date with rejuvenation at the hands of expert masseurs, you will rediscover a world of serenity that lies within. The sessions are a symphony of soothing strokes, aromatic oils, and tranquil music – the perfect elixir to achieve that elusive state of inner peace. A journey that starts from relaxing the nerves and continues onto touching the soul.

Sober and sombre really aren’t my styles, yet as I pen down my closing thoughts, I find myself at a loss for more dramatic descriptions. The Radisson Blu Ikeja Lagos demands a grand, bold appreciation because it is just that – grand and bold. And yet, deeply personal. An experience not worth missing.

So, if you’re wondering where your next luxury weekend getaway should be, look at the Radisson Blu Ikeja Lagos. This won’t just ‘appeal’ to your fancy, but it will redefine it. And that’s what true luxury is about – isn’t it?

Guide Rates:

17000 – 30000 Naira pp| $17.50 – $35

0-3 free
4-11 half price

Room rates:

From N105,000 per night

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Or call +2349087805555

You need to fast for two weeks to eat here








This place is not merely a hotel, but a celestial dimension of luxury.

Let that sink in

Certainly a zone for bonafide foodies

So stylish

Loving the vibe

Like for real the best

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