Oats are loaded with fiber, so they’re a great healthy breakfast! If you’re like me, though, you might run the risk of getting stuck in an oat rut. In college, I ate plain instant oatmeal every day. After four years, I couldn’t stand the stuff. To avoid oat burnout, make sure to vary your toppings! Any nut butter, fruit, dried fruit, yogurt, nut, seed, or jam is fair game. Change up how you prepare your oats too. Make baked oatmeal or homemade granola, or prep a big batch of overnight oats for quick breakfasts throughout the week. While you’re at it, make a batch of homemade oat milk.


By Love and Lemon

Black Quinoa breakfast idea

Meal prep for tomorrow morning... black quinoa from @reishunger {layered with pomegranate arils, plain soy yogurt, cranberries, more pomegranate seeds and chamomile. Have you ever tried black quinoa or black rice? They contain so much more phytonutrients (like antioxidants) than their white counterparts

Source: @breakfastwithflowers

Fruit-based muesli mix

I tried to create something special for #pinkthursday, but I went a little overboard with the purple tones, don’t you think ? I used about 1 cup of a fruit-based muesli mix soaked in soy milk, 1 tbsp chia seeds, a few tbsp coconut yogurt, 1 heaped tbsp acai powder, and 1 tsp of beet powder for this bowl. Toppings include 1 sliced , edible flowers, and grated coconut mixed with pomegranate powder (at least something pink ).

Source: @breakfastwithflowers

Blue Overnight Oats

1 cup fine oatmeal 1 cup plantbased milk 2 tbsp raisins 1 tbsp butterfly pea powder 1 tbsp pink dragon fruit powder 1 tbsp hemp seeds 1 tbsp shredded coconut 3/4 cup plant-based yogurt sweetener of choice . Combine all ingredients and soak for at least 4 hours. Serve with your favorite fruits & edible flowers 

Source: @breakfastwithflowers

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