When people think of Netflix, they think of time-wasting, procrastination, bingeing, and so many other negative elements.
In most cases. This couldn’t be truer. Netflix is perhaps the greatest cause of procrastination. It eats up your time and totally destroy your productivity. In most cases.
But, today, We will show you how you can make Netflix an element that can actually boost your productivity! Read on!

Dealing with the “bingeing problem”
First off, if you ever want to use Netflix as a productivity tool, you need to deal with the bingeing problem. Binge-watching is defined as “watching between 2-6 episodes or more of the same TV show in one sitting.” In fact, the word “binge-watching” has become a popular word, and in 2015 Collins English Dictionary ranked it as “word of the year”. 
Binge-watching is probably the greatest cause of procrastination. I can’t count the number of times when I was supposed to take a quick “Netflix” break from my working assignment but ended up in binge-watching. So many hours wasted!
But a destroyed productivity isn’t the only thing binge-watching causes. Research conducted at the University of Texas at Austin found binge watching television is correlated with depression, loneliness, self-regulation deficiency, and obesity.

We need to deal with this problem.
Don’t worry. I have the solution!

Start watching the same tv-series again and again!
When you are watching something you earlier have watched you know what’s going to happen, and its easier to stop watching and start working again.
The surprising thing is, you will actually enjoy watching a tv-series again! Why? The nostalgia factor comes in.

Rule of thumb: Any series you haven’t watched for a year is REWATCHABLE!

Use Netflix For Taking a Break From Life
Breaks are essential for being productive. We are definitely not robots, and most of us can’t be focused for more than 30 minutes straight. Breaks are necessary for being productive over time.
Enter Netflix.
Netflix is a great method for taking a break, think of something else, relax. Use Netflix as a tool to take your mind of the task you are working on. But make sure, you can easely get back to work!

Netflix Makes You Productive While Doing Mindless Tasks
I am not a fan of multitasking, but in some cases I am. This is one of those cases.
Watching television while doing mindless tasks like washing the dishes is great. It makes the boring task feel like they aren’t so bad, and perhaps become a part of your day that you will cherish.
Best of all: Doing the dishes will become an excuse for watching Netflix, no bad or guilty feelings!

Other mindless tasks you could combine with Netflix bingeing:
* Doing Laundry
* Organizing your office, bed-room, computer, etc.
* Cleaning the house.

Netflix Gives You Motivation During Exercise
I love running. On the winter, I usually run inside on the treadmill. Running on the treadmill can quickly become boring, but Netflix is actually a tool I have used to make my inside running workouts really enjoyable.

Because one of the best ways to be productive while watching Netflix is to perform a workout while you are watching. Netflix is a great method of making a treadmill run or a spinning session really enjoyable! It will take your mind off the actual workout and focus on some good tv.
The next time you are doing some steady state cardio indoors, make sure to bring your device and watch some Netflix!

I hope you have gotten a different view on Netflix after reading this article. Start implementing some of these strategies and make Netflix a productivity tool.
Let me know how it goes!

By the way if you really want to go cold Turkey here’s how

Don’t pick up bad habits during these trying times



Source old productivity Hackr

Is it time to quit netflixing or is there a way to eat your cake and have it?

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