Unleashing Magic at Kanmidokoro Takimura, Japan: The Sorcery of the Extraordinary ‘Kakigori’

Welcome gourmet slay foodies !

There are moments when life presents you with the unexpected. When you stumble upon tremendous wonders that make you stand still, drop your mouth open, and think out loud, “OMG! What the heck is this sorcery?!” I’ve been circling the globe for such moments, wrestling with the world, and I found my recent dose of awe in the stunning Japan, at an understated place called Kanmidokoro Takimura. Let me tell you – it’s pure magic!

Welcome to Japan – the home of bulldogs and Samurai, Sushi and of course, the Samurai spirit. Here, at the heart of this vibrant cultural tapestry is Kanmidokoro Takimura, the hidden gem with a knockout punch so enchanting, it will leave you on the ropes.

The superstar, stealing the spotlight in this pit stop of epicurean delights is none other than the mystical ‘Kakigori.’ Wait, you’re thinking, a dessert packaged as a main, what kind of fresh sorcery is this? Hang onto your hats, folks, because we’re about to dive into the frosty, fruity world of this icy beast.

Picture it with me: a behemoth of a dessert, imposing and extravagant. It’s a Mount Fuji, recreated in an icy realm, with snow layers so fluffy you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking you stumbled upon a winter wonderland platter. As you plunge your spoon into it, the icy crystals give way like they’ve been waiting all their lives for you.

This colossal globe of finely ice-shaved perfection is a sight to behold. Each refreshing layer playfully conceals delicious secrets, ranging from the ultra-ripe strawberries or popping boba that provides an explosive burst of juicy goodness. A rainbow of flavors hits you in a cascade, each wave a delicate balance of sweet, sour, and an umami that Japan does oh so well.

Now, this isn’t your simple syrup sweetened sno-cone we’re talking about. This is adulting at its best – a dessert so meticulously crafted, it screams decadence and yet holds the whispers of serenity, a cornerstone of the Japanese dining experience.

Kakigori is more than just a dessert. It’s an experience, a sojourn into the heart of Japanese culture. It’s an adventure disguised as a food feast. When you conquer one, you’re not merely wolfing down a gastronomic delight, you’re partaking in an age-old tradition. It’s a defiant, beastly delicious slap in the face to your boring regular desserts!

To conquer Kakigori is to treat yourself to a celebration of taste and tradition. It weaves flavor and elegance into a sublime emblem of cool sophistication. It’s not just food; it’s art. And art, my friends, is food for the slay soul.

So, slay kins, buckle up! Make a beeline for Kanmidokoro Takimura, elevate your taste bud game, and experience the sorcery up-close. Remember, life isn’t about the ordinary, the mundane. It’s about the adventure, the extraordinary, because that’s the only way a slay champion lives. That’s how you and I live.

Sayonara till our next adventure.

Go eat a mountain!


The “kakigori” with a large round shape is a dessert with outstanding impact

Amao strawberry kakigori / 1,500 yen
– With genmaicha tea and strawberry flesh condensed milk

Decopon milk kakigori / 1,500 yen
– With genmaicha tea and Decopon flesh condensed milk

Organic matcha milk adzuki bean kakigori / 1,480 yen
– With genmaicha tea and condensed milk

Hydrangea kakigori / 1,400 yen
– With genmaicha tea and lemon syrup

Polar bear-style kakigori / 1,600 yen
– With genmaicha tea and condensed milk

Hydrangea parfait / 1,400 yen

These kakigori have a fluffy texture and a round shape . They are generously soaked with homemade sauce made from Fukuoka’s “Amao strawberry,” Yame’s “Decopon,” and Kyoto’s “Uji matcha” . The beautiful blue color of the “hydrangea kakigori” and “hydrangea parfait” is currently available for a limited time.

When combining the sweet and sour strawberry sauce with strawberry flesh condensed milk, the “Amao strawberry” flavor becomes similar to strawberry milk . The “Decopon milk” also goes perfectly with condensed milk! Both have a refreshing taste with a distinct fruity texture.

For the “matcha” flavor, two types of matcha sauce, one on the outside and one on the inside, are used. The outer part has the direct sweetness and bitterness of matcha, while the inner part has a slightly sweeter sauce . It also comes with “anko” (sweet red bean paste) and “shiratama” (glutinous rice balls) as side dishes, perfect for varying the taste . It’s a kakigori where you can enjoy the comparison of matcha’s flavors .

The limited edition “hydrangea kakigori” uses a source made with butterfly pea to create the blue part, and it changes to purple when you pour the included lemon syrup over it . It has a refreshing taste, but when combined with the milky taste of the condensed milk whip cream on top, it becomes a gentle milk-flavored delight . It also includes two types of agar jelly, providing a chewy texture as well!

The “polar bear” kakigori is topped with condensed milk whip cream, various fruits, and sweet red bean paste. When you pour the included condensed milk over it, it turns into a rich milk flavor, making it incredibly delicious .

All of the kakigori have a satisfying volume and you can clearly taste the quality of the ingredients. They are all delicious .


Kanmidokoro Takimura

located in Shimokawabata-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka








A defiant, beastly delicious slap in the face to your boring regular desserts!

This one brought me out of strawberry retirement

I found my recent dose of awe let me tell you -

it’s pure magic!

Just look at this goodness

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