When people say “Nothing is impossible”, they are usually talking about beliefs, not facts.

1. It is not impossible for a person with no eyesight to create art.
2. It is not impossible for a student who has failed mathematics in primary school to become a scholar of Physics in the future.
3. It is not impossible for person who has lost a limb to participate in atheletic activities.
4. It is not… you get the drift, right?

IMPOSSIBILITY IS A WORD TO BE FOUND ONLY IN THE DICTIONARY OF FOOLS , Even the word impossible says I’m possible! Fact: Tenacity trumps Talent, impossible is nothing.

It is necessary to know that you are an uncommon breed and that the power to change literally anything is in YOU, and only YOU!

Greatness cannot be achieved without obsession. To achieve the so called impossible It is necessary that you are relentless and that you never give up and that you take personal responsibility to make it happen.

It is totally possible to have your dream all you have to do is start. If you are willing to do more than the masses, if you are willing to stay up just a little bit longer, sacrifice just a little bit more, IT IS INDEED POSSIBLE!

You can have it, you can wear it, you can fly it. Impossible is just a big word for the small minded. The greatest achievements were made by Men who questioned the impossible! The Wright Brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs …. they didn’t know or care to know what impossible meant.

One thing is for sure if you don’t believe you can do it, you will NEVER DO IT!
Even when others say you can’t BELIEVE.
You can’t just go off logic, the greatest achievements defy logic.

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