War is looming

The auroral record has been broken

No major solar activity

Earth is more vulnerable due to a weaker magnetic field

Full magnetic flip expected by 2040:

Sun may take out global power before then

All modern technology and the foundations of our civilisation will be totally lost

by the destructive forces of what is about to unfold!

Listen up, people of planet Earth! Brace yourselves for the impending chaos that the next decade is bringing our way. The world as we know it is on the brink of oblivion, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

War is lurking in the shadows, fueled by the relentless thirst for power and dominance. The signs are all around us, like ominous omens warning of a storm about to unleash its fury. Societies are crumbling under the weight of their own grievances, ready to erupt into an all-consuming inferno of violence.

But that’s not all; brace yourself for the mind-boggling revelation that the auroral record has been shattered! Yes, you heard it right; our majestic skies are no longer as peaceful as they once seemed. Something sinister is brewing, and the heavens are bearing witness to it. The very fabric of our existence is being torn apart, and we are but mere observers of this cosmic catastrophe.

And let’s not forget the alarming absence of solar activity. Oh, how we once marveled at the majestic dance of solar flares, but now they have abandoned us. The sun, our life-giving force, has turned its back on us, leaving us vulnerable and exposed to the harsh realities of the universe.

But here’s the real kicker, fellow earthlings – our weaker magnetic field. Yes, you read that right. Our magnetic shield, once a bastion of protection against cosmic threats, has grown feeble and impotent. It’s like a once sturdy fortress now crumbled to ruins, leaving us defenseless against the terrors that lurk beyond our atmosphere.

And if that weren’t enough, the cherry on top of this doomsday sundae is the looming full magnetic flip, expected to wreak havoc on our dear planet by 2040. Ah, yes, a complete inversion of our magnetic poles, throwing our compasses and navigation systems into disarray. It’s like losing our sense of direction in the midst of an apocalyptic storm.

But hold on tight because the sun has a surprise for us too. It may decide to take center stage before this magnetic flip and obliterate our global power. Just imagine a world plunged into darkness, devoid of the technology we depend on for our very existence. Our civilization, built on fragile foundations, will crumble like a sandcastle under the mighty wave.

So, my friends, brace yourselves for what lies ahead. The next decade will test us like never before. The storm is brewing, chaos is on the horizon, and there’s nowhere to hide. But remember, in the face of impending doom, we have the power to rise above it all. Only the strong, the cunning, and the fearless will prevail. Are you ready for what’s about to come? Embrace the uncertainty because nothing can stop what is about to happen.

This is the major reason for the whole acceleration of the evil 2030 plan by the powers that be. They are not telling us that a major natural disaster that will affect all on earth is going to happen but they are putting systems in place. Advanced technology, Ai and automation and control of humans via chipping for easy rebuild of what’s left. They need to depopulate the earth more before the disaster happens as it will be hard to control 8 billion people. That’s why their wars must go on, breakdown of law and order works in their favor, the vax that has been killing people and causing sterility. It’s all one big plan.

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Listen up, people of planet Earth! Brace yourselves for the impending chaos that the next decade is bringing our way. The world as we know it is on the brink of oblivion, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Are you prepared?

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