Nadine Abdel Aziz and her sister trio squad remind us of the Kardashian’s Only Less Serious.

The Abdelaziz sisters live in a world of pretty artifice. The twentysomethings are all tall and thin with big eyes and dark hair.

The Abdelazizes are famous in the Arab world, for modeling and posting pictures of themselves on Instagram. They have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Social media has referred to us as Lebanese Kardashians but we have different personality, different culture,” says Nadine.

The Kardashian way is not their way, they insist.
We have nothing to do with Kardashians – they have sex tapes, they have boyfriends at the house. We are different, it’s Lebanon after all,” she says.

Lebanese women are beautiful and smart and have goals and achievements,” Nadine declares. “She can do anything she wants if she sets her mind to it.”
All three have business degrees, and speak four languages. Their mantra is beauty and brains, although beauty is a preoccupation.

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Whatever you think of Nadine you must admit her flair for fashion is legendary.

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When your flair for fashion is legendary quarantine won’t leave its mark on you!

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She looks impeccable

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Seriously body goals

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That Perfect hair!

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