It goes without saying Cheap/flashy/gaudy clothing, bad etiquette, inability to hold a conversation, lack of broader knowledge about art or literature or politics to have things to discuss WILL PROVE WHO IS WHO.

I found that rich people appreciate simple things too. If there’s a good hot dog stand that delivers or a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” restaurant they like, they are loyal to it.

Rich people have a badget monthly, and most of them have a financial adviser they are aware of what they are spending, Also they are moving their money in business all the time. One more… Rich people have cash somewhere in case a natural catastrophe happens.

It’s the people that TRY to act rich that go to fancy restaurants (and you can tell it’s not a natural environment for them). They take loads of pictures and post it on social media.

In this video you will learn all the myths about Rich people, trust me it’s not what most people think.

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My parents are wealthy and yet my mom is always bargain shopping! (Then my dad goes and buys her a ring that costs more than my car, go figure)

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