Emotional eating, eating out of boredom, eating while being on our phones, or in front of a tv and watching our favorite show. Eating on a train, in the car, on the street while rushing to work.
I’m sure we’ve all done that. Hectic days and schedules call for these kinds of behaviors. But that’s not an excuse.
We’ve developed quite bad eating habits and eating has become an automatic ritual — we’ve disconnected from being present while we eat our breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacking. Not to mention skipping meals or even worse — forgetting to eat.
And that it’s taking a toll on our health and overall well-being.
Luckily, mindfulness comes to our rescue. And the practice that I’m going to talk to you about, is (as you’ve probably guessed from the title of this article) called mindful eating.

So what is mindful eating?
When it comes to gaining knowledge about different ways to practice mindfulness, my favorite spiritual teacher to learn from is the Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh.
In his books, “How to Eat” and “Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life”, he teaches us that mindful eating is paying attention to our meal. That simple.
We should become aware of that moment and give our entire presence to only that — eating. No distractions. No multitasking. No overthinking.

“Mindful eating means simply eating or drinking while being aware of each bite or sip.” — Thich Nhat Hanh, Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life

My relationship with food improved significantly the moment I turned vegan and once I realized that I don’t eat to feel full but to nourish my body. I would start seeing food as something very important, not just fuel to keep me going through the day.
And then it improved, even more, the moment I discovered the practice of mindful eating.
I would ask myself questions like, what do I eat for? and what nutrients does this food have?. And then it made me realize that to have a healthy body and mind, I should be careful not only what I eat but also how I eat that food.

How to practice eating mindfully
Before practicing mindful eating, it’s important to be in a distraction-free mode — put your phone on the side, turn your tv off, etc. Focus only on the meal and the people you’re eating with.
* Start with conscious breathing and bring your awareness into the present moment.
* Look at your food and show a sense of gratitude for that meal.
* Take small bites, chew slowly and thoroughly.
* Engage all your senses —smell the food, taste every flavor, listen to your body, and be present.
* If you catch yourself overthinking or worrying, just come back to the present moment and keep enjoying your food.

“Don’t chew your worries, your fear, or your anger. If you chew your planning and your anxiety, it’s difficult to feel grateful for each piece of food. Just chew your food.” — Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Eat
Before eating your meal mindfully, you can also practice mindfulness while cooking your meal and even when you’re shopping for your ingredients. Practice being present in every step that leads you to eat that food.

Before eating your meal mindfully, you can also practice mindfulness while cooking your meal and even when you’re shopping for your ingredients. Practice being present in every step that leads you to eat that food.

The benefits of mindful eating
Just to clarify, mindful eating is not a diet. It doesn’t pressure you to only eat certain foods and avoid others.
But being present while eating could help you revise your eating schedule and question if the food you eat is actually good for your body; if your hunger is physical or emotional; it will help you detect if you’re really hungry or eating just because you’re bored. Then you can make conscious changes.
We often take food for granted. Practicing mindful eating makes us appreciate food more. Being mindful when we eat helps us become aware of the process of eating. We can detect new flavors. We become grateful for being able to eat that food.
Eating slowly and mindfully helps us listen to our body and know when we are full, and not overeat.

Final thoughts
You should definitely check both books that I mentioned above and you could also listen to the peaceful words of Thich Nhat Hanh for a deeper understanding of mindful eating.
Mindful eating is one of the many ways we can practice mindfulness and improve our life. And if you’re consistent, this practice will help you change your eating habits. Give it a try and enjoy your food while being present at every step of eating.

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