Concerned the new Rolls-Royce Phantom is a bit too evolutionary in its styling? Did you want revolution? Then allow us to introduce you to Sergey Dvornytskyy, and more specifically his CGI renders.
There of his creation, the Rolls-Royce Exterion. “Inspired by the wonderful world of Syd Mead illustrations and the latest trends in Rolls-Royce design,” he says, “I tried to create the ultimate luxury electric vehicle for the futuristic world of autonomous driving.”
Syd Mead’s images paint a retro-futuristic world, and the Exterion is intended to be able to slide right into one of them. So there’s plenty of the extravagant coachbuilding of Rolls-Royces past, as well as their proportions via the long bonnet and oversize wheels.
But then there’s a heck of a lot that’s new, too, including what appears to be a complete lack of windows and a worrying lack of wheel clearance. They are illustrations, of course, Sergey’s vision of “a luxury yacht for roads of the future”. It’s a styling exercise, not a practical consideration.

So the question is simple, really: do you like what he’s done? And could the new Phantom do with looking a little wilder, like the Exterion?

By Top Gear

A luxe styling exercise

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