The first horological medusa

This is not a watch, but a jellyfish, or a Medusa with a horological movement, like many other similar artistic limited edition watches by MB&F. Maximilian Busser has already partnered with numerous brands and creative visionaries, but some of them are undeniably more special. A particularly prolific collaboration is the one MB&F has developed with the Swiss brand L’Epée, a specialized manufacturer dedicated to making high-end clocks and telling time differently. Now based in Delémont in the Swiss Jura mountains, L’Epée has developed since 1839 an exceptional table clock collection featuring movement complications such as retrograde seconds, power reserve indicators, perpetual calendars, tourbillons and striking mechanisms. All these movement complications are designed and manufactured in-house. In any limited edition clock by L’Epée, you will most probably find a movement with a very big power reserve, a signature of the brand.

With the jellyfish-inspired design of the MB&F HM7 Aquapod, MB&F had already plunged us into the water with its Horological Machine No. 7. The limited edition Aquapod machine had already set the scene with its central 60-second flying tourbillon automatic movement and three-dimensional vertical architecture, with indications radiating out from the centre like ripples in a pond. While the Aquapod is not a dive watch per se, it is a perfectly comfortable watch in the water – so MB&F added the one element that all serious aquatic watches possess: a unidirectional rotating bezel that will help you calculate your diving time accurately. But unlike every other dive watch, Aquapod’s bezel isn’t attached to the case of the watch but floats apart.

The inspiration and the art that is found in the Aquapod watch by MB&F are also to be found in the Medusa clock collection, jointly developed with the manufacture L’Epée, yet without a tourbillon movement and an oversized rotating bezel. The jellyfish clock or Medusa clock is the tenth collaboration between MB&F and L’Epée and will bring the art collector’s imagination from the stars to the deep blue ocean. Just as for the Aquapod collection of watches, two rotating rings, one displaying the hours and the other displaying the minutes, are visible through the glass dome of the clock, and the time is read off a single fixed indicator that extends over the rings. Yet the unique feature of the jellyfish clock or Medusa clock is its central mass formed by a large transparent dome of hand-blown Murano glass (available in blue, green or pink). The glass dome should be seen as the body of the jellyfish and appears light and delicate but has to withstand the weight of a clock movement; out of the 40 companies that L’Epée 1839 approached, only one Murano glassblower was able to accomplish the task of creating such a jellyfish clock. If the Aquapod watch by MB&F was already a very sophisticated piece of high horology, an exceptional tourbillon watch, the Medusa jellyfish creation by MB&F and L’Epée is an exceptional, limited edition piece of art. More than that, since the blue, green or pink Murano glass dome forming the body of the jellyfish is hand-blown by an artisan, each piece is by definition truly unique.

With the Medusa jellyfish creation, Maximilian Busser from MB&F and Arnaud Nicolas from L’Epée did not intend to showcase all the depth of their watchmaking skills. The purpose of the Medusa clock was not to create top complications such as a tourbillon movement or a perpetual calendar movement. These skills were already awarded numerous prizes for the legacy of MB&F, such as the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. Medusa is rather a poetic art piece that happens to be a clock and that happens to tell the time. Actually, Medusa is a dual-configuration jellyfish clock since its fortunate owner will have the option to either hang his blue, green or pink Medusa from the ceiling or, alternatively, will be able to stand it up on a desk thanks to a metal frame with curved legs. If hung from the ceiling thanks to a special mounting system, the Medusa is adorned with beautiful coloured glass tentacles of the same colour as the Murano glass dome (blue, green or pink).

The engine of the Medusa jellyfish clock is a suspended movement, entirely designed and manufactured in-house by L’Epée. The movement is suspended by its central axis, which is usually a simple axis to transmit the time and not a structural element. For Medusa, the movement has been modified to bear the weight of the movement (around 2kg). The Medusa clock movement is made of 155 components and beats at a frequency of 2.5 Hz. The movement has a power reserve of seven days and requires a winding key to both set the time and wind the movement. The total weight of the Medusa jellyfish clock will be of approximately 6kg…the exact weight of the hand-blown Murano glass dome varies from one creation to another.

The blue, green or pink Medusa jellyfish clock by MB&F goes beyond watchmaking and is a real piece of horological art. And to enjoy even more the poetic shape and movement suggested by the Medusa jellyfish clock, MB&F and L’Epée have placed Super-LumiNova on the hours and minutes indexes. This creates a unique and mesmerizing effect in a black environment as the large hours and minutes indexes of the watch light up the Medusa creature and its graceful blue, green or pink tentacles.

Medusa is available in three limited editions of 50 pieces each with green, blue, or pink Murano hand-blown glass dome and tentacles.

Display Hours and minutes



Hanging position: 286 mm tall x 250 mm diameter

Standing position: 323 mm tall x 250 mm diameter

Components total: 231

Weight: approximately 6kg (the exact weight of the hand-blown glass dome varies)


Dome/tentacles: Murano hand-blown glass

Movement and standing base: stainless steel and brass

Indexes and top plate with Super-LumiNova


L’Epée suspended movement, designed and manufactured in-house

Balance frequency: 2.5 Hz / 18,000 bph

Power reserve: 7 days

Movement components: 155

Jewels: 23

Incabloc shock protection system

Movement finishing: Geneva waves, anglage, polishing, sandblasting, circular and vertical graining, satin finishing.

Integrated winding key to both set the time and wind the movement (propeller at the bottom of the movement).

Dual configuration

Ceiling-mounted: Medusa can be ceiling mounted thanks to the buckle located at the top of the movement. In this configuration the glass tentacles can be hung on the movement.

Standing: Medusa can stand on a table by way of a special metal base.

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