Maizie Mermaid is a freshwater mermaid from the Grand Canyon section of the Colorado River. These mermaids called themselves Kuuyipai and their job was to take care of the river ecosystem. 

“Mermaids everywhere are care-takers of the oceans, lakes, and rivers and all the creatures who live there. Water is especially important to everyone who lives in the desert, so we took our job very seriously. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t take time to splash and play with our river otter friends! When humans came near, we could easily hide in the muddy waters. Most never even knew we were there, though we observed them from afar. “

    The humans who live in the Grand Canyon are still there today, but as the River changed, the Kuuyipai were forced to leave.

“Unfortunately when the Glenn Canyon Dam was built in 1963 it dramatically changed our river home. The warm, muddy red waters turned clear and cold and could no longer hide us or support many species there. The water is now diverted to support large cities and is being depleted. “

      Maizie now resides at Lost Island Waterpark in Waterloo, Iowa where she spends her time performing and giving mermaid lessons. She works to share her sense of wonder in everyday life.

“Take the time to get outside away from the sounds of civilization. Be still and Listen. Nature speaks!”

Did You Know?
*Mermaids age differently than humans? Most mermaids have been around for hundreds of years. Maizie was born in 1897!
*The Colorado River was named for the reddish color of its waters? ‘Colorado’ means ‘red’ or ‘rust-colored’ in Spanish.
*The Colorado used to be an ideal environment for the Kuuyipai because it varied in temperature from 85-32 degrees and was full of silt, which provides food and shelter for fish and mermaids. Now the water stays approximately 46 degrees and is too clear to hide them.
*A Riparian zone is the transitional area between a river or stream and the land. This area of vegitation is important to mermaid habitat! The plants help filter the water and regulate its temperature, making it a safe home for freshwater mermaids and their river friends.

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Kids absolutely love her

Maizie the Grand Canyon mermaid

The earth is filled with magic that humans no longer take time to see

Maizie the Grand Canyon mermaid

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