10 items that are just a waste of money, because it’s really important to make smart purchasing decisions that will help you to get closer to your goals.
The Jet Set Babe school of affluence is a LIFESTYLE SLAYLEBRITY blog and social network dedicated to the rich and affluent. This article will explore the different luxuries that you should not have as a certified Jet set Babe.

Wealthy people are not just about money and power, they are also about style. The NEW MONEY rich live in opulence, surrounded by luxury items such as designer clothes, watches, jewellery and shoes. They also enjoy the finer things in life such as expensive dinners at restaurants with celebrity-chefs on their menus or trips to exotic destinations around the world.

Some of these luxuries may be high-end but they are a waste for someone who is already wealthy because it does not make them any richer than they already are. These luxuries are too in your face and old money don’t play this way.

Never wear a label unless someone is paying you. That’s some amazing advice I got in L.A.. The slaylebrities you see wearing big purses and t shirts with names on them are being paid to be seen out and about in them. If they’re not paying you, and lord knows you need it more, don’t do any designer any free favors.

No jewelry, no fur, NO READY TO WEAR!

Till the next slay time!

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