Turkish technology and R&D Company Letrons has made the Transformers a reality. Inspired from Michael Bay’s movie franchise Transformers, Letrons has built a full-scale, drivable BMW Transformer. This BMW can be remotely operated and is also capable of doing neck and head movements. The BMW Transformer has dynamic hydraulic controls and can do arm and hand movements; and to top it all has a cool dynamic lighting system.

Letrons is based in Ankara, Turkey and their parent company Letvision who was a startup and R&D company, that has been supported and awarded by the Ministry of Industry and KOSGEB as a registered successful R & D company.

Letrons robotic cars are for sale but for now they can’t be driven in traffic as its remote control operated (at speeds of up to 20km/hr). However this is a possibility in the near future due to its electrical powering system.

Letrons hopes Antimon will be the first in a series of 12 transformers. The rest are in the research and development stage.
Alpagot says the company has received interests from theme parks and shows looking to rent Antimon.
What’s next? The creators are seeking funding from private investors to develop smaller transformers that are more affordable and can be driven on the road. The robot can be created from any car model.

Expected pricing : at least $600,000

To purchase contact Letrons here

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When real life transformers become a reality, No Joke!

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The world is changing fast

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Back to the future indeed

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This world is here

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