Khloé Kardashian got an expensive and shocking promise ring from ex Tristan Thompson on Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
It followed the gift of a diamond necklace, which showed up on Khloé’s hotel room pillow when she hosted a nightclub event in Connecticut.
‘Do I accept stuff like this? I don’t know what to do,’ a ‘conflicted’ Khloé, 35, asked pals Malika and Khadijah Haqq, both 36, after she first found the expensive jewelry.

She worried over whether or not to keep the necklace, concerned that it would send the wrong message to Tristan, 28, with whom she’d broken up in February 2019.

Lately, Tristan’s been telling me that he’s sorry and he loves me and appreciates me, but right now, the most I can handle is a co-parenting relationship,’ Khloé said early in the episode. ‘And I really believe Tristan wants more than that, but that’s just not what I’m about.’

When the ring appeared the night before her 35th birthday, she was even more troubled.
‘It looks fully like an engagement ring,’ observed Scott Disick, 36, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex.

The prospect of what to do about Tristan had preoccupied Khloé for some time, ever since the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player cheated on her before she had their one-year-old daughter True.
When she learned at the top of the show that her hair guru, Cesar Ramirez, had been an ‘a**hole’ to a boyfriend who recently dumped him, she couldn’t help but see parallels.
‘I feel like you’re the Tristan, and I’m your ex-boyfriend, ’cause now, Tristan’s like, ‘What can we do?’ Khloé opined. ‘And I’m like, ”There’s really nothing.” What do you want me to do, risk everything and look like a moron for you to do it again a third time? I don’t think so.’

Instead of dwelling on it, Khloé jetted off to Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut, for a day with her two best friends, Khadijah and Malika.
At the hotel, she noticed what she initially thought was chocolate on the bed, then opened up the box and saw that it was a diamond necklace from Tristan.
‘He asked for help to surprise you with something,’ admitted Malika, who had traveled with it in her bag and placed it on Khloé’s pillow.

Khloé wondered out loud what to do with a gift like that, but her pals were sanguine.
‘He got you a beautiful diamond necklace,’ Khadijah said. ‘Don’t even think about anything else right now.’
Privately, Khloé worried that accepting the necklace would give Tristan the wrong impression. 
‘I am conflicted as to if I should keep it or not. I just really want to make sure there are no expectations. If I keep something is that misleading? It’s the sweetest, kindest gesture, but it doesn’t mean a necklace is going to fix everything’, she pointed out.

‘Just ’cause,’ he said, acting nonchalant.
‘Oh my god, you weren’t this nice to me when we were together, ever,’ Khloe rejoined. ‘But thank you very much.’
Tristan asked Khloé to send him photos of her outfit with the necklace later, and she told him he could find pictures of her online.

Happy birthday to me,’ she crowed, as he nervously echoed, ‘Happy early birthday.’
When she called Tristan again that evening to say goodnight to True, she told the little girl, ‘I love you,’ to which Tristan responded, ‘I love you.’
‘Thank you,’ Khloé returned, hurriedly getting off the phone.

She recognized that her response had been weird, but told her friends: ‘I’ve already seen how this ride goes, and I don’t enjoy it, so why would I want to do it for a third time?’
She and her group went off to the casino’s Club Novelle, where she had a hosting gig, to party, returning that evening to their suite to shoot funny videos and keep drinking.
‘I feel like this is the best night we’ve had in so long,’ Khloé said, before everyone was shown hungover the next day.

While they headed for their private plane home, Khloé’s mother, Kris Jenner, 64, picked up three dogs from a litter related to Khloé’s old pup, Gabbana.
They were a birthday present for Khloé, which Kim Kardashian, 39, proclaimed ‘the worst idea.’
Kim was game to see how it all turned out, however, especially since Khloé had once bought her daughter, North West, six, a hamster without Kim’s permission.

Khloé didn’t keep the puppies, realizing True was too young and it wasn’t the right time.
Instead, she gave them to ‘people who will love and adore them and be real dog owners, which I just can’t be right now,’ she said.
On the day of Khloé’s actual birthday, Scott gave her diamond earrings.

What? I don’t even have to have sex with anyone, and I’m getting diamonds,’ Khloé noted.
She then told Scott that the night before, Tristan had shown up with ‘a birthday present’ for her, recalling, ‘So he gives me a card, and he goes, ”And I hope you accept this ring.”
And I go, ‘No, no, no, no, no!’

He’s like, ”This is a promise ring.” I go, ”A promise for you to be nice to me as True’s mom, right?” I was like, ”I really appreciate it, I don’t think I can accept it.”

It looks fully like an engagement ring,’ Scott observed.
Tristan had also given Khloé a meaningful, long card, which she had always wanted.

This is what I said: ”This is a beautiful new you that I’m seeing”,’ Khloé related. ‘I just don’t want there to be any blurred lines or you to think anything.’
‘I don’t think you need to worry about what it means,’ Scott reassured her. ‘It’s just somebody trying to get through to somebody and not knowing what the hell to do.’
Khloé was able to relax later at her birthday party, which her sister Kylie Jenner, 22, threw for her at her home.

It featured pink flowers, a neon pink sign reading ‘KhloMoney,’ a DJ, mechanical bull, open bar, and giant pink balloons in the pool.
Khloé’s own quotes decorated the party, and her face was on the straws in every cocktail.
‘Kylie did a phenomenal job,’ Khloé acknowledged. ‘She went all out. It’s just a pink explosion of love and fabulousne

This is more than I would ever dream for it to be or look like,’ she told her family.
Khloé reflected that she and Tristan had been heading in a good direction, too.
‘My birthday wish is just to have peace,’ she considered. ‘I want to put everything behind me, and I want to have forgiveness and happiness in my life.’

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What do you want me to do, risk everything and look like a moron for you to do it again a third time?

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I've already seen how this ride goes, and I don't enjoy it

Source: @khloekardashian

so why would I want to do it for a third time?'

Source: @khloekardashian

It's just a pink explosion of love and fabulousne

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