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This Boeing 737 Max private jet interior design looks more like a futuristic spaceship than it does a private jet.

Boeing’s line of private jets is reserved for a special kind of wealthy. Known as Boeing Business Jets, or BBJs for short, they’re the private jet equivalent of airliners.
With sticker prices for the cheapest just shy of $100 million, even the average millionaire likely couldn’t afford to have one in their stable.
Notable owners of the converted jets include Tony Robbins with his newest private jet, a BBJ 737, and President Donald Trump, who flew on a Boeing 757 filled with gold-plating before being elected president. When the super-rich buy an aircraft of Boeing’s size, the process of designing the interior is comparable more to decorating a home as they seek to personalize the jet. 
Owners of the jets frequently turn to design firms to craft the intricate interiors of their homes away from home. While there’s no shortage of luxurious ideas, one firm teamed up with Boeing for a new futuristic design that for its 737 Max aircraft that looks more like a science fiction spaceship than it does a private jet. 

Take a closer look at the Genesis concept by Argentina’s SkyStyle. 

The new interior was destined for the Boeing 737 Max aircraft, the newest narrow-body jet to come from the American manufacturer.

While traditional concepts for aircraft interiors are traditional and light…

Argentina-based design firm SkyStyle’s concept is very space-age with enhanced use of onboard technology and LED lights integrated into the furnishings that complement new design features.

The layout is anything but ordinary, departing from traditional configurations and incorporating wavy lines into the layout. Still, there’s room for five compartments including a galley, dining area, living room, office, and bedroom.

SkyStyle’s concept takes full advantage of the benefit that Boeing’s jets have over its Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault, and Embraer competitors, which is and will always be an abundance of open space.

Even the smallest of Boeing’s narrow-bodies feature more space than most know what to do with, creating endless possibilities for their owners. After all, the jets were designed for airline customers and intended to fit as many people as possible.

Open concept is also a key feature of the design but strategically placed pillars contain foldable barriers to offer on-demand privacy when needed, whether it be for an important meeting or just a getaway from the other passengers.

Even the partition that separates the galley and dining room can be opened and the countertop moved between the galley island and dining room table to easily transport meals between the two sections.

From an aviation designer’s perspective, the BBJ Max is incredibly appealing because there is so much more interior space to realize one’s vision,” SkyStyle co-founder Max Pardo said in a press release. “Since the Max flies ultra-long-distances, the owners are looking for a comfortable lounge, multi-function conference area and a large master suite.”

The aircraft is also large enough to house a large bedroom with a king-size bed and opposite wardrobe.

The star-shaped LED lights in the ceilings also give the appearance of sleeping under the stars while flying directly under them in the upper altitudes.

And like most Boeing private jets, a full shower can be installed to further make it into a home-like environment.

A desert-inspired design can also be installed incorporating the colors of the region.

The Middle East is a large market for Boeing’s private jets, including the largest private jet in the world, the Boeing 747-8i.

The onboard technology is also customizable to Arabic or any other language that the end-user prefers.

While the design isn’t the most luxurious, it offers an ultra-modern alternative to traditional configurations not currently found on most aircraft.

The concept, unfortunately, may not see the skies any time soon as the Max jets are grounded indefinitely. But previous-generation 737 jet owners can opt for the interior.

This design is lush but the Maverick project Trumps

The Maverick is a futuristic concept developed by Rosen Aviation, KiPcreating and Sky-Style to envisage how cutting-edge technology and aesthetic design could be blended, has picked up an award nomination. The concept is a finalist in the Cabin Design – Concept category for the 2021 International Yacht & Aviation Design Awards.


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Guide Price: $200 million+

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Source : Business Insider

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