Mykonos is currently THE hot-spot during summer in Europe & I travelled there to discover what it’s all about!

I’d say that Mykonos is definitely a destination for a younger crowd and influencers trying to flex, but because it’s so expensive it obviously attracts older crowds who have worked and made a fortune. I think it has to do mostly with figuring out what you want to do while on the island and finding the right spot for that. Clubs obviously attract teens and people in their twenties, but there are also bars and very expensive restaurants that are full of rich people around their 35+. My dad is in his 50s and he loves Mykonos because of the beaches and the good food but mostly because it’s good for business and networking and because he has many friends who own houses there or have yachts and go every summer. Ask the locals about things you can do while you’re there! They’re going to tell you things that most tourists won’t even know about.

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Mykonos can be great but I prefer Santorini

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