With this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine we broke away from our usual interval style of using one specific interval time for all exercises in the routine and swapped it out for a pyramid structure where the intervals get longer each set then work their way back down by the end of the round. The idea is exactly the same as with weight lifting only we use time rather than weight or reps to determine a set.

In this pyramid workout we have put two exercises back to back (using the same interval time) followed by a ten second rest period before moving to the next set. We are only doing a short pyramid group increasing by ten seconds each set, starting a 10 seconds working up to 30 seconds then back down to 10 seconds (the exact progression with the exercises used for each set is written out below).

The purpose of setting up a routine like this is to challenge your cardiovascular threshold without pushing you over your max limit. We want you right on the edge of exhaustion the whole time without actually pushing you over your limit, causing your body to have to stop. The overall effect is to bring you up to your cardiovascular threshold and just as you are about to break, we start easing off just a bit to keep you going. This is just another way to work as close as possible to your maximum level of exertion without pushing you to the point of complete exhaustion.

Depending on your cardiovascular endurance you may be pushed past your limits with this routine or it may be easy for you to finish without feeling overly exhausted, this also depends on how hard you push yourself for each exercise. How quickly you move and how much you contract all of your muscle groups for control (and for an extra calorie burn) can have an enormous effect on your overall effort level not to mention your overall calorie burn for this routine.

The estimated calorie burn for this routine is anywhere from 10-16 calories per minute giving you a total calorie burn of 100 to 160 calories in just 10 minutes. If you want even more then try this routine with ankle weights or a weighted vest and easily add another 2 to 4 calories per minute depending on the weight you use.

Printable Routine
10 sec – Jumping Jacks
10 Sec – Fly Jacks
10 Sec – Rest

20 Sec – High Knees

20 Sec – Knee Tuck Jumps

20 Sec – Rest

30 Sec – Burpees
30 Sec – Mt. Climbers
30 Sec – Rest

20 Sec – Jumping Lunge
20 Sec – Wall Jumps
20 Sec – Rest

10 Sec – Squat Jumps
10 Sec – Double Butt Kickers
10 Sec – Rest

We changed it up a little bit in this routine because we always like to do different things with our training to keep our bodies guessing and burning calories at the highest rate possible. If you have any suggestions for a specific routine or just a style of routine that you would like to see from us then tells us about it.

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