Most young girls dream of growing up to become a princess, and for one young woman this became a reality on the night of her 18th birthday.

Danica Carmelina, an aspiring doctor and ballerina from the Philippines, threw the event of a lifetime, treating her 170 guests to a $41,000 ‘Swan Lake’ themed bash complete with two gowns, a five-tiered cake and decor worthy of a wedding. 
Speaking to FEMAIL, Danica said she was able to bring her debut dreams to life with an event planner, stylist, master of ceremonies, orchestra, light crew and designer over several months leading up to the party on May 31. 
The team all worked together based on mood boards Danica had been working on which specified the event needed to be ‘pink, feminine and extravagant’. 

In the Philippines, an 18th birthday – known as a ‘the debut’ – is one of the biggest events of a woman’s life. 
Several generations ago in the Philippines, debuts were also a way of introducing a young lady to society as a woman – one then eligible for marriage at the age of 18.
Of course today, the age of marriage is notably higher than in the past, but the Filipino debut lives on. Over the years it has become less marriage-oriented and more of a celebration of the debutante’s life and entry to adulthood. 
For many Filipino parents with daughters, the debut is a serious consideration, and one they long plan and save up for.
Traditionally, the debutante wears a grand ball gown and is surrounded by family and friends throughout a program that includes a rehearsed cotillion by the entourage, an ’18 roses’ segment, where the important men in the debutante’s life present her with a rose and invite her to dance, and an ’18 candles’ segment, where the important women in her life give individual speeches and well wishes. 

Danica’s gown designer worked alongside the teen and her mother to create two immaculate dresses – one for the main event and a second for the after party. 
‘My first dress was inspired by Swan Lake. We worked together to create the look and it really was perfect,’ Danica said. 
‘I’ll never wear it again, I think I just want it to be remembered as my birthday dress.’ 

Her second dress was for the after party – in which the elder of her guests said their farewells and parted ways, while her school friends stayed to dance through the night. 
It was a sleek, black number and far less extravagant. She said she’d definitely wear it again – maybe to a friend’s party – because it was easier to dance in. 

But it was the photography, taken by Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings, that truly captured the beauty of Danica’s big day.  
Immaculate photos of the party showcased the highlights, including her friends touching tributes as they handed over presents in Louis Vuitton bags and the moment Danica performed a ballet number for guests.
‘I was able to showcase what I love to do and dance at the party,’ she said. ‘I only rehearsed for a week and danced to a swan lake song.’
Guests were treated to a buffet dinner and a series of games, including a Q&A where the winners were offered prize money and gift vouchers for their favourite stores. 

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Source Daily Mail

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