Imagine a supremely comfortable limousine – something that seated four people, each over 6′, in comfort, with seats best described as a ‘London club.’ Not as spacious as a Lincoln Town Car, perhaps, but something that has a better quality finish!

Now imagine a sport car so fast that it could take, on launch, the UK speed record away from the Lamborghini Countach.

Now imagine that these are not two separately optimised vehicles each aimed at doing their own thing exceedingly well, but the same car.

I give you, instead of a thought experiment, the Bentley Turbo R, of which I’ve had two.

I’ve never met someone who thought they were over-rated who had actually driven one!

So what is it like to drive One?

I have a Bentley Continental Flying Spur. In this class, I previously drove a Mercedes @S500 AMG (before my Bentley) and also own a Tesla P90DL.
Honestly, driving a Bentley is pretty dreamy. With over 500 HP and 12 cylinders, it has tons of raw power and is a fun car to drive, to be sure.
This is a huge car and is very roomy on the inside. It’s also gorgeous on the outside and has a feel of luxury like none other. It’s a car you’re proud to pull up to the valet at any restaurant.
I don’t really know what else to say to describe driving a Bentley. So let’s just say it’s pretty awesome!

By Rick Rahim

Honestly, driving a Bentley is pretty dreamy.

Source: @paidtoshoot

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