36 Flavors of heaven …..MOUNTAINS of gelato….bliss upon bliss overload.

Indulging in Bliss: My Unapologetically Lavish Days at Anita Gelato London

Have you ever stumbled upon a place that feels like a heaven for your taste buds? A place so extraordinary that it becomes an irresistible indulgence? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have found my personal paradise at Anita Gelato London, and let me tell you, I’m throwing caution to the wind and embracing every single calorie! Join me as I recount my lavish days of unapologetic pleasure, where I don’t care about counting calories because Anita Gelato is simply the shiznit!

A Journey to Gelato Paradise:
Imagine strolling down the vibrant streets of London, the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked waffle cones wafting through the air. As I enter Anita Gelato, a kaleidoscope of colors greets me—a mesmerizing display of gelato flavors that promises an unforgettable experience. The sheer variety alone is mind-boggling, and trust me, I couldn’t resist trying them all!

A Symphony of Flavors:
Anita Gelato doesn’t just stop at the usual suspects; they’ve taken gelato to an entirely new level. With each spoonful, I’m transported to a realm where flavor combinations defy expectations and redefine indulgence. From classic flavors like velvety chocolate and creamy vanilla to exotic creations like pistachio-rose and lavender-honeycomb, every scoop is a journey into a world of pure bliss.

Handcrafted with Love:
What makes Anita Gelato truly exceptional is their unwavering commitment to quality. The gelato here is handcrafted with love and precision, using only the finest ingredients. With each bite, you can taste the passion and expertise that goes into creating these frozen delights. No wonder Anita Gelato has become synonymous with excellence in the London gelato scene.

The Art of Presentation:
At Anita Gelato, presentation is an art form. Each scoop is meticulously placed in a beautifully designed cup or cone, adorned with mouthwatering toppings that elevate the experience to new heights. Whether it’s a sprinkle of delicate chocolate shavings or a generous drizzle of caramel sauce, every detail is carefully considered to create a visual feast that’s almost too beautiful to devour.

A Social Experience:
Anita Gelato isn’t just a place to satisfy your sweet tooth; it’s also a social hub where people come together to share moments of pure joy. The friendly staff members are always ready with a smile, eager to help you navigate the vast array of flavors and recommend personal favorites. It’s not uncommon to strike up conversations with fellow gelato enthusiasts, exchanging recommendations and building new connections over a shared love for this heavenly treat.

So, here I am, basking in the sheer indulgence of every lavish day spent at Anita Gelato London. As the calories pile up, I couldn’t care less because the pleasure I derive from each spoonful is immeasurable. If you’re looking for a place that will transport you to a realm of unparalleled delight, where flavors explode on your taste buds and worries melt away, then Anita Gelato is the place to be. Indulge without hesitation, my friends, for life is too short to resist the shiznit that is Anita Gelato London!

Disclaimer: While it’s essential to enjoy delicious treats, it’s equally important to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Indulge responsibly and listen to your body’s needs.


All 36 flavours, purely as a health precaution against excessive heat you understand 😅 Safety first. And sauces second, poured all over gelato shhhtacks of CARAMEL COOKIE CHEESECAKE, WHITE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE, HAZELNUT MOUSSE & CHOCOLATE PRETZEL! 🥨 Plus pavlova, limoncello, pecan pie, black forest gateau…it’s absolute insane, and all the work of a little old lady called Anita who has now become a global behemoth with locations alllll over the world.

Ps: vegan sugar free options are also available

Guide Price: 18GBP – 31 GBP


4 upper St Martins Ln Covent Garden London

closest tube station Picadilly circus station


Email: golda.dellal@gmail.com

Order online

If you are in New York it’s also available in New York








36 Flavors of heaven …..MOUNTAINS of gelato….bliss upon bliss overload.

Don’t care how fat I get it’s worth it!

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