HYT Skull from HYT Watches
Since its launch in 2015, the HYT Skull Watches Collection from HYT Watches, Neuchatel, Switzerland, the “Hybrid Mechanical Horologists” led by brand CEO Vincent Perriard, has steadily grown, and will almost certainly continue to do so in the future. HYT Watches Switzerland have continued to make the HYT available in a number of equally exotically named limited edition pieces and regular edition watches, including the HYT Skull Pocket, HYT Skull Axl Rose, the HYT Skull Bad Boy, the HYT Skull Red Eye and HYT Skull Maori to name just a few, with the HYT Watches Skull Vida given pride of place as the most restricted limited edition ever. All of the Skull Collection watches are built around the remarkable HYT Watches Switzerland’s exclusive fluid liquid-based hydro mechanical HYT calibre watch movement and a watch case and dial in a range of suitably exotic materials, including gold, pink or rose gold, black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated titanium, Damascus Steel and others. They key to the exclusive HYT calibre (caliber to some) used by HYT Watches Switzerland for its Skull Collection of limited edition watches has always been brand’s unique and complex fluidic mechanism of bellows and capillary system, which is remarkable enough to provide everything required to display, by virtue of the skull shape, not only the principal time functions of hours, minutes, but by clever use of the skull’s two “eyes” too, the left eye being used as a seconds indicator and the right eye as power reserve indicator.

Ignoring for one moment the stunning group of case and dial materials that includes gold, pink or rose gold, black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated titanium and Damascus Steel that the HYT Skull Watches Collection of limited edition pieces from HYT Watches, Neuchatel, Switzerland, the “Hybrid Mechanical Horologists” headed by brand CEO Gregory Dourde has actually been produced in, what sets the Skull Watch apart is of course, its incredible, complex and unique and fluidic mechanism of bellows and capillary system. The capillary tube or track traces the outline shape of the main feature of the (often black) watch dial, the powerful skull design which lays beneath a beautiful domed crystal (anti-reflective) sapphire case front. Of course, for HYT Watches Switzerland, actually producing a capillary tube in the skull shape that forms the showstopping front piece to the exclusive Chronode developed, exclusive, HYT calibre movement, a mechanical manual winding movement at that, particularly the squared jaw line of the skull, was no easy feat. The “bellows” system at the heart of the exclusive HYT calibre mechanical winding movement had to be able to displace the two liquids that fill the capillary system, each of a different viscosity, through the tiny diameter glass capillary and around these sharp curves, which at the 6 o’clock jaw line of the skull design, are formed at almost 90 degrees. This calls for exquisite materials handling and production. The way the neat bellows and capillary system functioned beneath the domed anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal case front had the interesting by product of meaning that once the “hour” journey of the fluid in the capillary of the movement was complete, the liquids returned to the zero position in just a few seconds, much like a retrograde hours movement. The colors for the liquids have varied across different versions of the various limited edition pieces that make up the Skull Collection, including green (yes green), red and black. In all versions of the HYT Watches Switzerland Skull Collection of limited edition series watches, whether the case and (usually black) dial material be gold, pink or rose gold, black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated titanium or Damascus Steel, the “eyes” of the skull design which graces the dial serve the same function: the left eye provides the seconds display, while the right eye indicates the power reserve. As you would fully expect of a watch calibre movement of the quality of the exclusive HYT calibre mechanical winding movement fitted to the HYT Watches Switzerland Skull Collection of limited edition series of watches, HYT have chosen not to hide it away, and the domed anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal case front is paralleled with an equally impressive sapphire crystal case back, fully exposing the Cotes de Geneve flourishes and other decoration applied to the movement beneath. Ignoring the beauty of a Cotes de Geneve finished movement, and the mechanical winding movement of the brand’s unique and complex fluidic mechanism of bellows and capillary system is very special, it is the watch dial, and the contrast between the (usually black) dial and brightly colored (especially with green fluid) capillary and skull design of the watch front of the Skull that draws the attention of the admirer.

With such an outrageously unique HYT manual winding calibre movement, striking skull design lit by the green and other colored capillary fluid and bellows system, it should come as no surprise that HYT Watches of Neuchatel Switzerland would chose to issue the watch in a whole series of limited edition pieces, not just in terms of the range of gold, pink or rose gold, black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated titanium and Damascus Steelcase materials to mate with the beautifully domed and anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal case front, but also to mark a number of special associations and interests that the Swiss based brand has fostered. Hence the aforementioned limited editions mentioned previously, the HYT Skull Axl Rose, the HYT Skull Bad Boy, the HYT Skull Red Eye and HYT Skull Maori, among others. Of these, perhaps the HYT Watches Switzerland HYT Skull Axl Rose deserves a special mention, signifying the brand’s willingness to deploy its unique mechanical, manual winding, exclusive bellows and capillary liquid movement and skull design in a joint venture project with an individual, in the form of Axl Rose who represents Rock and Roll to its core. Offered in two version, the HYT Skull Axl Rose boasts either titanium with green fluid or titanium and red gold with red fluid, both models with black DLC titanium hour track, with titanium and rose gold central Skulls respectively. The rose gold model (with red fluid) continuing the rose gold theme across from the rose gold skull to rose gold hour indicator markings to contrast with the black DLC coated titanium hour track. Both are stunning. More recently, HYT Watches have offered limited edition Skull Collection pieces in a marginally smaller case size of 48.8mm, with the HYT Skull 48.8, a more demure design which forgoes the rock and roll shock of green or red fluid for its capillary indicator, in either a full 18k pink gold or combination of 18k pink gold and DLC coated titanium, utilizing pink gold for bezel and lugs, with DLC titanium used for the case center and crown guard, in a case design that is very similar to the HYT Watches H1 series. The HYT Skull 48.8 and pink gold and black layout is very neatly contrasted with a new skull design featuring a cross hatched surface and patinated gold effect, with dial in a choice of pink gold or anthracite grey and micro blasted finishing. What remains the same is the use of the fluid capillary system movement and the clever deployment of the eyes of the skull, the left eye continuing to indicate the seconds display while the right eye indicates the power reserve available. The HYT Skull Watches Collection from HYT Watches, Neuchatel, Switzerland, the “Hybrid Mechanical Horologists” led by brand CEO Vincent Perriard, continues to innovate, and any of the limited pieces that form part of the collection remain not only a stunning addition to any collection, but examples of remarkable contemporary watch design.




– Titanium, satin and sandblasted finishes

– Diameter : 48,8mm

– Height : 17,9 mm

– Titanium Hour bezel

– Black rubber sheathed screw-in titanium crown

– Titanium crown guard

– Titanium dome

– Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the dial side

– Screw-on case back, sapphire crystal

– Water resistant : 100M


– Blue fluidic Hours

– Seconds on a disc

– Power reserve indicator


– Mechanical with manual winding

– Exclusive HYT calibre

– 28,800 VPH

– 4 HZ

– 35 jewels

– Bridges hand-bevelled and adorned with « Côtes de Genève »

– Rhodium-plated bellows

– Power reserve : 65H


– 2 multi-layer metal bellows

– Capillary tube in medical grade glass, with interior nano coating

– 2 immiscible liquids : 1 transparent and the other colored with a highly resistant dye

– Therman compensator with dedicated bellows containing a special liquid

– Ceramic fluid restrictors


– Transmission between movement and fluidic module by conversion of rotation into linear movement using a cam-follower system

– Isolats connection of the fluidic system guaranteed by a trident.


– Blue varnish opaline skull

– Anthracite grey galvanized coating with micro blasted finishes

– Seconds indicator (Left eye)

– Power reserve indicator (right eye)


– Grey technical fabric with grey stitching

– Blue rubber core

– Titanium folding buckle

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