Building a network marketing biz online using social media is currently all the rage…

The problem is, most people launching their businesses online are investing 100’s of hours into messaging family and friends,

Sending friend requests to strangers and turning their profiles into giant billboards for their products…

… Only to be unfriended, blocked and ignored on Social Media..

We get it… We’ve totally been there.

You see, we too struggled building our business offline for many years and were ready to call it quits on this industry all together…

But when we found out about building online…We were so sure it would be different…

Plus, we could see industry leaders doing it and their teams were crushing it!

But then, when we finally did it and started posting on social media, the rejection seemed so much worse than offline…

We were lucky if we got a single ‘like’ on any of our posts that were about our products or opportunity…

Friends we had been close to seemed to have entered the witness protection program…

And sat at the bottom rank of our company for years…

Watching what seemed like EVERYONE rank advance around us…

And It sucked!

WE beat ourselves up thinking “What’s Wrong With Me?”

“Why am I the only one that can’t seem to figure this out?”

It wasn’t until we discovered how to grow a global network of targeted people on Social that things finally changed…

This new strategy taught us how to Attract and Enroll our perfect prospects to us without bugging friends and family or having to worry about all the rejection we had already gone through up to this point..

Fast forward to today and we’ve built a massive business from our computer & smart phones…

We’ve enrolled thousands of new network members into our business in the last six years and…

And did we mention that 95% of the process of enrolling and duplicating is leverage through our platform strategies?!

Which means we aren’t spending all day prospecting…

It’s a breath of fresh air, my friend…

How do you get around the scariest word in the dictionary?

You know that word…the one that makes you feel like you’re not good enough.

It’s the one word that every network marketer never wants to hear….”NO”.

When I first started in network marketing, I talked to hundreds of people and do you know how many I recruited? ZERO.

No customers, no team members and no distributors. 

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to quit. 

If I could go back in time to when I first started, even though my journey has led me to where I am today, I would take the mindset I have now over that mindset.

Because rejection used to kill me. Chances are if you are reading this, rejection is killing you too. 

I want to save you from that same path so I am going to share some advice with you that helped me change my mindset around rejection that saved my business. 

When it comes to network marketing, most companies teach their distributors to grow their business by telling you to make a list and tell everyone you know about the products because everyone needs the products. 
This couldn’t be further from the truth.
There might be people who could use your products, but don’t want it. If someone doesn’t see the value in what you are offering them, you can’t convince them to buy it. 
So find the people that are actually interested in what you have to offer. 
Identify who that person is, think about their pains, their struggles, the problems that they are facing, their fears, their dreams, and their desires. 
I want you to get really specific. So that when we go to social media we can identify where these people hang out. Find the groups they are in. 
Get into those groups and start connecting with the right people.

Now that you are connected with your perfect prospect, you want to build the know, like, and trust. 
Build your influence, and when it comes time to promote, its not a matter if you will have people to join you. It’s how many, and how fast. 
But what is value based content? 
It does not matter what platform you use. Value based content can be in the form of a video, stories, a Tik Tok, or micro content. 
It can be whatever would be of value to that perfect prospect. 
What do they find of value? What is going to let them into your life? What is going to be entertaining to them? What is going to offer some education to what you are offering? 
All these questions can provide value, and build the know, like, and trust with your prospects.

No matter how good you are at talking to the right people and building influence, you are still going to get told “NO”.
Even though we are talking to more high quality people, we need to remember that there are still going to be people that decide this isn’t for them. 
So how do we get around that scary word? 
By understanding that when they say no, they are not telling you as a human being no. They are saying no to your products, your service, or your opportunity. 
They are either saying no not right now, or no I don’t have enough information, or just no this is not for me. 
They are not saying it to you, they are saying it to whatever you are promoting.

So, first you want to identify and connect with the right people for your business. 
Secondly, you want to provide value based content for those people so that you are building some influence. 
Lastly, understand that when someone says no, it is not a rejection of you as a person. 
I want you to take this information and be able to start implementing it right away inside your business so you can start getting more recruits, more customers, and enrolling more people into your team.
Even the most highly skilled closers, don’t have a hundred percent close rates. 
Understand this is a game of numbers. Talk to more of the right people so that it is easier for those numbers to go our way.
If you want to know more about building your business online, check out our Proven formula here.







Stop spending all day prospecting… It’s a breath of fresh air, my friend...

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